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Wedding Gift List – Which One? – We Compare Them All

Let us begin by saying that this comparison (unlike most on the internet) is unbiased and weighs up the leading UK product based wedding gift lists, based on features and benefits alone. Here at RMW, we are big fans of using a wedding gift list. 99% of guests will turn up to a wedding with a gift regardless of whether you have a list or not. So why not take that “Eugh, what do we even buy them?” debacle (we’ve all faced it) off their plate and be your guests saviour by showing them exactly what you would like. Win win wins for everyone all around. But which wedding gift list to choose? That’s the tricky part. Except we’ve made it not-so-tricky by compiling a full wedding gift list review. 

Do you want to finally upgrade or replace tired homewares and start married life off with nicer things? Do you want contributions towards a bigger gift? Do you want to ask for top-ups to your honeymoon fund? Do you want a mix of all of the above? You can have it all. And you can choose from the industry’s best gift list services (that offer the full gamut of options) by having a look at the comparison table below, as well as a write up on each individual one (including a transparent display of all fees involved). So you can make an informed choice of which wedding gift list to use by knowing exactly what you’re getting.

Wedding Gift List Comparison

wedding gift list comparison

A Breakdown of Each Wedding Gift List Service (Including Costs)

The comparison table above allows you to measure up the key features of each brand, but we’ve gone one step further and written about the added benefits of each wedding gift list and what sets them apart from each other. They all offer something a little different, so this gives you a chance to really dig into which service lights you up and gives you the overwhelming urge to start filling up that list with all the things. 

The Wedding Shop

The Wedding Shop has been around for almost 30 years and in that time they have perfected the art of giving couples a great gift list experience. The Wedding Shop are highly customer service focused and each couple who register (regardless of whether you sign up online or via a showroom) are assigned a specialist Gift Guru who helps you at every stage of your gift list journey, from registration through to choosing the right gifts, delivery and beyond.

They also have a dedicated wedding gift list app. They are the only gift list to do so which is a huge differentiating factor. We all love an intuitive app and one where you can literally shop for and create the wishlist of your dreams, as well as track what guests have purchased for you. They also have other touches showing they put the couple first, like amazing goody bags when you visit one of the five UK wide showrooms (locate your nearest one here) and bonus discounts. Guests are looked after as well with a smooth ordering system and the same high standard of customer care.

In terms of products you can add to your list, there are literally thousands. With all the top brands you’d expect. So you can pretty much add anything you want. However, if for some reason you would like something that’s not in their product list, you can add that too. They allow you to add up to 10 extra gifts to your list from any UK retailer. That’s right, any.

Fee Structure

Free of charge product service for couples including storing gifts for up to six months and three free deliveries in the UK or Ireland at a time that suits you. There’s a 2% handling fee for guests pledging money to any wedding gift cash contribution or honeymoon fund.



Prezola is another leading wedding gift list service who offer all of the features you would expect, including products, cash contributions, honeymoon funds and charity donations. You can mix and match from all of these options. Although they don’t have an app, the website is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The thing that sets Prezola apart from other wedding gift lists is their Social Gifting feature. This allows guests to promise to do something to commemorate your wedding day, rather than buy something. They could promise to go on an adventure with you, give a night of babysitting or give blood. Whatever is important to you and your other half.

Prezola also use eco-friendly packaging during delivery (although product packaging may vary).

Fee Structure

Free of charge product service for couples. Weekday delivery is free, but weekend delivery can be arranged for a small fee (around £36). There’s a 2% cash transfer administration fee. This will be deducted from your total cash contribution or honeymoon fund before transferring the funds to you. 


The Wedding Present Company

If you’re looking for high-end brands, one-off independently sourced antiques and the ability to add an unlimited amount of gifts to your list from any UK retailer, then The Wedding Present Company is the one. They offer a two hour long in-depth appointment at their London based showroom and work with some brands that you can only access if you have an interior designer (ie. Kelling Designs). If you refer a friend both couples get £50 to spend with The Wedding Present Company. 

Another beautiful feature The Wedding Present Company offer is that 2% of the value bought from your wedding gift list will be donated to a charity of your choice without costing you or your guests a penny. It’s a lovely way to fill up your basket, knowing that you’re doing some good in the process. 

Fee Structure

Free of charge product service for couples including storing gifts for up to nine months and free deliveries in the UK at a time that suits you. 



An Amazon Wedding List is pretty much an Amazon Wish List under a different name. What makes this service stand out is the Amazon Universal Wish List feature, which allows you to add any product from any website to your Amazon gift list. Also, pretty much everyone has an Amazon account already, which adds to the ease of use for both guests and couples alike. However, don’t expect ease of use with your Amazon app, because it seems the wedding gift list service can only be accessed on desktop.

It also seems that Amazon does not collate your gifts for you, but rather dispatch them as a normal Amazon order, intermittently, as and when items are ordered. Unless your guest chooses the gift wrap option, your order will arrive in typical Amazon packaging. 

There are no cash contributions or honeymoon fund options, and guests need to buy an entire product meaning that they can’t choose to contribute an amount towards a larger, more expensive item. 

Fee Structure

Free of charge product service. Free delivery for Amazon Prime members or on orders over £20. 


John Lewis

John Lewis is such an iconic department store. So when people think of traditional wedding gift lists (in-store appointments and scanning guns), they tend to think of John Lewis. As we’ve established above, things have moved on a bit since then with apps and a plethora of wedding gift list brands available. But if all that you want can be found in John Lewis and you’re happy to either compile your list online or make a store visit, then this could be a good option. 

However, John Lewis encourages you to do this no sooner than 8 weeks before your wedding because your gift list is subject to stock availability. If you add an item to your wedding gift list that goes out of stock, you will be given John Lewis gift cards for that value instead. If you change your mind on your product choices, you can return, exchange or receive a gift card. This is limited to up to 25% of your total list.

Fee Structure

The product service from John Lewis is free, but we’ve found it unclear as to whether or not there are charges applied to honeymoon funds. 



So there you have it. An honest comparison of all the wedding gift list services. And now you’re armed with all the information you need in order to choose. But whatever you decide to go for, just remember that a gift list really is the best way to make the wedding present buying experience so much easier and more enjoyable for both yourselves and all of your wonderful guests. And lucky for you, the industry is full of incredible brands that make that process simple and fun.

Note: Rock My Wedding is part of WLS Holdings Ltd which also own The Wedding Shop, Prezola and The Wedding Present Company. However, this review is an unaffiliated, fair review of all gift list services based on features and benefits alone. All opinions are our own.

Author: Naomi Liddell

7 thoughts on “Wedding Gift List – Which One? – We Compare Them All

  1. Why haven’t you included Patchwork on this list? It’s an extremely narrow selection so it can’t be very unbiased can it?

    1. Hi Rosie! As we mentioned at the beginning of the post, this is a review of the leading UK product based gift lists. As Patchwork don’t offer products, it wouldn’t be very fair to include them in the table or to compare them to the services from other companies on this list.

      Also all companies listed were factually compared based purely on features and benefits to ensure it was a fair and unbiased comparison.

      Hope this gives you a bit more clarity about the post.

  2. I’m afraid I do not think your review of John Lewis Gift Service is a fair one and I would like you to review it to ensure other young couples are not left disappointed.

    We found the John Lewis Wedding List Service extremely poor: I question whether it is legal, it is certainly not ethical. And I see we are not alone.

    For my daughter’s wedding last year, many guests purchased gifts from an online John Lewis Gift List, at that time John Lewis took their money and banked it and the gift-givers and the bride and groom both received confirmation from John Lewis that items had been purchased for them.

    However, on returning from honeymoon, they discovered a number of gifts were missing. When they phoned, John Lewis informed them that the missing items were no longer in stock, but they could collect gift vouchers to the value, from the store. Upsettingly, some items were parts of matching dinner service so they were left with an incomplete set.

    It is not the Gift List policy to “pick items” at the stage of purchase and payment, nor mark them as out of stock. This allows John Lewis to keep selling and accepting money for items, whether they are able to fulfil their order or not. John Lewis told me that my daughter had been informed – but the email address they gave me was unrecognisable. As only gift vouchers are given in compensation John Lewis profits from the situation and the young couple loses out.
    In John Lewis’ explanatory letter they conceded that when someone purchases a gift item, they are not picked and put aside. Neither are “out of stock” items removed from sale or flagged, but the Gift List Service continues to sell and accept money for items in the (vague) hope that they will become in stock by the time the items are packed to send. In my daughter’s case, John Lewis simply decided not to bother to restock the items that had been paid for.

    The gift-givers still believe that their gifts have been received by the young couple, for they were never notified or given an option to purchase the items elsewhere. Thank you’s had to be written for unreceived gifts, rather than risk upsetting guests. Why were the people buying them gifts and paying for them not notified? No doubt that is also in their small print somewhere – entirely for their own benefit.
    When I wrote to the Managing Director, Ms Nickolds, I was expecting a reputable company like John Lewis to be concerned, and to have purchased the missing items for them, since they were still easily available elsewhere, I checked. But they declined to do so – instead of pointing out the small print on the contract that my daughter and son in law had signed in the store – that allowed John Lewis to exchange any items for a gift card instead. This, of course, leaves John Lewis profiting from their unethical processes – at their customer’s expense. Eventually, John Lewis gave my daughter and her husband cash equalling the sale value of the items – which was about a quarter of the price which they would have to pay elsewhere with their own money to obtain the missing items.

    Given their numerous value statements, I was somewhat taken aback that John Lewis was also not interested in learning from our experience and making improvement to their service, to at least help future customers.
    Shame on you John Lewis – in this instance, you have clearly failed to live up to your published key value statements:

    “DO RIGHT: We act with integrity and use our judgement to do the right thing
    ALL OR NOTHING: We put everything we have into everything we do
    GIVE MORE THAN YOU TAKE: We put more in, so everyone gets more out”

    I am left wondering how the decision-makers, in this case, manage to sleep at night.
    I do hope, at least, other engaged couples think VERY carefully before trusting John Lewis with gifts for the biggest day of their life and the setting up of their home together.

    1. Aw Niki, I’m so terribly sorry about you and your daughter’s experience, it sounds like you had quite an ordeal!

      Although, I don’t believe that this makes the post unfair as it’s not an opinion piece, but rather a factual comparison of all the features and benefits offered by each company.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to detail your experience though, it must have been incredibly frustrating. And no doubt it will help other couples reach their own decision.

  3. There is a new wedding gift list website –

    Where users can add any gift from any online retailer for free! There are no fees for either the couples or guests. The couple simply adds gifts by copying and pasting the URL of the gift they would like into marriagegiftlist and guests can buy straight from the couples page.

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