Simple, opulent, rustic, chic, handmade or professionally styled... The trend for wedding hoops is going strong. The applications of this beautiful symbol of union and eternity have been wide and varied. From striking ceiling installations to table plans and bouquets. Whilst it's possible to DIY these beauties for your wedding day, if you want to outsource the responsibility (you've got enough on your plate) or if you want a more ambitious take on hoop decor such as the moon gate or a complex hanging display, our handpicked directory of florists can help you find the talent to take on that task. And in case you need some inspiration shots to take along to meetings with your chosen florist, here is a gallery full of beautifully styled wedding hoops.

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As you can see, these statement decor pieces are incredibly eye-catching. Whether you go for a boho dreamcatcher or a minimal hoop with greenery to soften, there is no doubt that adding hoops to your wedding decor can really create interest and bring a space to life. And of course, working with a florist can take this simple but effective accessory and turn it into something really spellbinding. So hop on over to The List to find some of the most creative florists in the industry, all handpicked by Team RMW.
Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

Photographers & Florists: From The List
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