After Ellie was diagnosed with a brain tumour and underwent major surgery,  Ellie and Billy knew they wanted to get married, and quick! Their plan was always to have an intimate wedding in Bath, then a bigger celebration on the farm where Billy proposed. Although Covid has put a hold on their larger celebration, they decided to go ahead with their intimate ceremony, roaming around Bath, taking in the sights and capturing some incredible portraits with, Recommended suppliers, Taylor-Hughes Photography. It's a good job they both had on trainers! What style. 

Casual micro wedding in Bath with the bride in a pink and white jumpsuit and trainers.

After being diagnosed with a brain tumour at the beginning of the year I underwent major surgery to remove the tumour. Our lives were turned upside down. I couldn't work anymore or drive, the recovery was long with lots of physiotherapies and hard work. There are some ongoing issues left from the tumour, however, we set some major goals and while hitting those goals together, Billy proposed on a dog walk and surprised me with an engagement party at our favourite cafe with all our family and friends the day before we went on our first holiday since my operation. We had been together for 10 years, since college and had never been in a rush to get married, but after the year we had been through, we knew it was what we wanted and as soon as possible. We decided to get married the following year.



The plan was to get married at the Guildhall in the week and then renew our vows in front of all our family and friends in a bigger wedding celebration on the farm we got engaged, however, due to COVID the wedding had to be postponed, but we decided to get married anyway and make a celebration of it with our parents, maid of honour and best man. So our 'big, little wedding' came about. We had 2 witnesses in the registry office, we planned to have brunch in town and then go on what turned into 2 amazing mini-moons.


The jumpsuit I had been saving for a special occasion went perfect with my vans. The groom loved the idea of a bolo tie and also decided to wear trainers to match me with his suit. The bridal jacket was something I had been working on for a while and I couldn't wait to wear it at every opportunity for the wedding. I made the bouquet with my mum the day before, and the charm around the handle was a necklace given to me by my nan who had passed.


Marrying my best friend, literally every moment of the day was just perfect and I couldn't have planned it better if I tried. We had an amazing low key day celebrating with some of our dearests, and we can't wait to renew our vows in front of all our family and friends and have a big party once we are allowed. Both hotels we stayed in were also stunning and couldn't recommend them enough, we had such a wonderful relaxing time in Bath! We were so glad we chose to have our wedding there and were able to have a mini-moon afterwards.

A sunny wedding calls for an equally sunny bouquet. Cue giant sunflowers!

Jade and Jack were our first choice in photographers, they were family friends and had already recently shot a beautiful shoot with us after the bride's surgery, those photos meant so much to us and it wasn't even a second thought for the wedding, so when they offered to come along on our 'big, little wedding' after we had postponed the big celebration we jumped at the opportunity. All our suppliers for our 'big' celebration have been absolutely amazing postponing to our new date. We can't wait to celebrate with them all when we are allowed!.

Ellie & Billy

An hour before Ellie and Billy's bath wedding ceremony their brunch plans fell through, so, they had to come up with a plan b, quick! Thankfully the bride's brother lived in town and offered them his garden. On their walk there they picked up a bottle of bubbly from the local shop then sat in sun in the garden with a large Dominos takeaway. It wasn't what they had planned, but it ended up being perfect. Sometimes, weddings don't always go to plan, and we love how Ellie and Billy just rolled with it. If you're worried about things going wrong, listen to our Plan B podcast.

Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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Photography: Taylor-Hughes Photography | Jumpsuit: Phase Eight | Trainers: Vans via ASOS | Personalised Bridal Jacket: Maya Moon Creates | Grooms Suit: Moss Bros. | Boll Tie: Trend Him | Shell Necklace: Coco Grey Jewellery | Engagement Ring: Scarlet Ocean | Wedding Ring: Christina Oswin | Grooms Ring: Kobar

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