Sending out those all-important wedding invitations can feel daunting, but with a bit of research and groundwork beforehand (that's why you're here, right?), you'll be ready to go to print in no time. If you've yet to find your wedding stationer then have a look at our Recommended Suppliers. We’ve put together 10 details you need to include on your wedding invitations along with some guidance on wedding invitation wording. Just call us your wedding fairy godmother... 

10 details to include on your wedding invitations with invitation wording guidance and examples

What is a wedding invitation suite?

Nowadays, most wedding invitations are included in a wedding invitation suite consisting of the main wedding invitation, a response (RSVP) card, a separate card on the wedding day details (including order of service and details of the reception venue if separate from the ceremony) and perhaps even the wedding menu. What you include in your wedding stationery suite is entirely dependent on your wedding style. If you’re having a wedding website, only the main invitation is necessary since all other info can be accessed online. In the same way, digital wedding invitations are the more sustainable option.

What to include on your wedding invitations


We’re 100% certain these things will already be first on your list to add to your invites. But hey, we’re covering all bases, just in case. Don’t forget to include the ceremony start time - it’s little things like this that can slip in all the excitement. You might want to include a separate card in your suite with the order of the wedding day. Be sure to also include your reception venue location if it is different from the ceremony, along with the start time in case guests need to travel between venues. 

Mr and Mrs John Smith & Mr and Mrs John Doe invite you to celebrate the marriage of their children, Samantha and Jacob. Join us at 5 o'clock [venue address]. 

Jerry & Georgian Sadowski and Gary & Georgia Byrne invite you to celebrate with their children, Julia & David on their wedding day. June 9th, 2022 at 5:00 PM [venue address].


Different locations and out-of-town guests could mean there will be a little confusion. You should absolutely include the venue’s address and postcode but perhaps include a map within your invites to avoid any complications. We can guarantee your wedding party will seriously appreciate the heads up - it also allows them to make travel and hotel plans in advance.


If your wedding venue is out of town for a lot of guests or your wedding reception venue is more than a walk away from your ceremony location, it’s worth letting guests know about the parking and accommodation situation near and at the venue. Even if your venue is close by, some guests may want to drive there and leave the car overnight to get a taxi home. Include what time any cars must be moved or collected the next day. If you’re putting on wedding transport for guests let them know the meeting/pick-up points. With accommodation, make sure to include options for all price points and budgets with any special rates for weddings.

Parking around the church and village is limited. We recommend parking in XX Road.

Cars may be left at the XX overnight, but must be collected by 10 am the next morning.

Accommodation is available at XX. Please book directly with them quoting XX wedding for a preferential rate


A wedding gift list really takes the awkwardness out of things. Your wedding party will genuinely want to know what to buy you, and a gift list makes that so much easier. You can provide a link, and just ensure your tone of voice is easy-breezy. If you’re struggling to know where to begin, take a look at our wedding gift list comparison to work out which would be best for you. Plus, we have more wedding gift list wording examples too!

Your presence on our special day is gift enough for us, but if you insist on a gift, a contribution to our honeymoon would be gratefully received.

All we really want for our wedding day is for you to be there to celebrate with us, but if you'd like to give us a gift, we have a gift list at The Wedding Shop. Our gift list reference is our surname.


Not everyone will know what to wear to your day. Set your guests’ expectations of what to wear on your invitations. Will you be having a black-tie event? Or will your wedding take place in a field (so heels may be an issue)? Guests will need a heads-up either way. Plus, if you want your guests to choose their outfits from a specific colour palette or any colours to avoid this is where you should mention it.

Black-tie dress code

Formal attire, wedding hats encouraged

The wedding party will be in blue, we’d love you to coordinate!


Ah, plus ones. Always the dreaded question because, let’s face it, no one wants to hear “Can so and so’s boyfriend come to the wedding?” when you’ve only met them once a few weeks beforehand. You’ll already have your guest list at this point so be clear on the invitation who exactly it is you’re inviting to attend and whether a plus one is allowed. It’s up to you whether you address your guests by name or by ‘you’. If you’re sticking to a budget, it may be cheaper to opt not to personalise invitations by name.

Together with their families, Miss Lydia Harrison and Mr William Jones invite you and your guest to join them at the celebration of their marriage.

We're gettin' hitched! Jessie & Mabel invite Sam to party with them & celebrate their love at their wedding.


If you let your guests know as early on as possible that you want an adult-only wedding, it gives them ample time to prepare. This could mean getting a family member or babysitter to look after them on the big day. This is especially important if you're having a destination wedding or a wedding spanning over a few days. The earlier you tell your guests that children aren't invited, the better, and it will leave much more room for guests to make arrangements. Take a look at our how to politely say no kids at wedding article for more examples.

We are very sorry, but due to venue restrictions, we will not be able to invite children to our wedding.

Whilst we love your little ones, we have decided to make our wedding an adults-only celebration - we hope you understand.

While we love to see children laugh and play, our wedding will be an adult only kind of day.

Order of The Day/Wedding dAY TIMELINE

This one isn't really a necessity but, if you are having little ones attend your day it can be nice to include the complete timeline of events to help your guests envision your day a little better. This may be more important if your wedding takes place over a whole weekend or across 2 or more venues. For destination weddings and weekend weddings, giving your guests a complete itinerary is important to let them know what to expect and can help them organise transport, outfits, childcare, and entertainment if you're giving them some free time. Take a look at our wedding order of the day guide for some examples of what should happen and when. 


You do not want to be chasing people before your wedding day. So, make it easy. Include an RSVP/response card within your invitation complete with tick boxes or cross-out options including options for dietary requirements. You should also include an addressed and stamped envelope. At the same time, you could also include an email address, a link to your wedding website or a QR code if you’d prefer to keep things digital and more sustainable. Don't forget to include a date when guests should RSVP too! If you don't give a deadline, you'll always have to chase people to get their responses back and that's one stress you don't need in the lead-up to the day. 

Extra Details

Is your venue cashless?

Let guests know whether they should bring cash or their card, especially if you’re not having an open bar.

What time should guests go home?

You might forget to let guests know what time the party actually ends so give them a gentle reminder e.g. carriages at midnight

Should you include the wedding menu?

As mentioned, you should always include dietary requirements in your RSVP card but if you are offering guests the option to pre-order from several menu options, then you will need to include the wedding menu within the invitation suite.

Get your wedding invitations sorted!

If you’re struggling to know where to look, or you simply haven’t found something that takes your fancy just yet, you can find our incredible list of wedding stationery suppliers.

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Remember, it’s your day, your way, so if you feel as though something should be added to your invite, then go ahead and do it. There are really no right or wrongs. We do just suggest adding the location, date and time… that one may have to be a necessity. For everything you need to know about wedding stationery, you should head to our 64 wedding stationery ideas complete with a free downloadable PDF checklist! We discuss everything from vow booklets to favour tags. For extra help with wording, you can check out our wedding gift list wording guidance and all our tips on how to politely say no to kids at your wedding

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