Your ceremony shouldn't be the 'warm up act' to your big day, it should set the tone of what's to come, in your wedding AND your lives. I create gorgeous, fun ceremonies around your love story!


What is a Celebrant led wedding?

In short, a celebrant led wedding is a bespoke ceremony built around your love story as a couple, including fun or traditional elements to make the day even more memorable and spectacular. Whether you have extra ideas in mind, or want help thinking of things, let's work together. I promise you a wedding filled with love, laughter and happy tears.

Are Celebrant weddings a legal wedding?

A celebrant-led wedding is symbolic, beautiful and personal, but not legal and binding. You will still need to go through the legal formalities at a registry office - think of it as ‘wedding admin’. It’s generally a short, inexpensive process (currently costs £46).You just need 2 witnesses with you to complete it, and is usually done a couple of days before your ACTUAL wedding (I can give you advice on this). The celebrant led ceremony is the personalised, fun filled celebration with all your loved ones, and will signify your future wedding anniversary.

Why a Celebrant wedding over a registrar?

When I got married I had a registrar, who was lovely and we (obviously) had a great day. But with a registrar, you meet them 10 minutes before the ceremony, don't get to know them (and they don't get to know you) and you are very limited as to what is said in your ceremony. As a celebrant, I spend time getting to know you and your love story, and build the whole ceremony around you - by the time your day comes around, it will be like having a friend up there with you!

Can we get have the wedding anywhere?

Yes! The beauty of a celebrant led wedding means it can happen wherever you like. 'Legal Weddings' have to be in a licensed building and venue, so you are more limited as to WHERE this happens. With a celebrant wedding, you could have the wedding in your parents back garden, the restaurant you had your first date in, a theatre, a quirky warehouse... it just opens up more possibilities to you, and can be even more meaningful


How the bloodyhell do you add shine to a star that already shines so brightly? Bex honestly, was the best celebrant we could have asked for. Nothing is out of reach and as SCLUB 7 would say-reach for the stars. She made us feel 100% comfortable in all of our decisions. If you’re feeling a little uneasy, you have no need to worry. She will make you feel magically calm and give lots of suggestions for you choose from or even create a brand new vibe! It’s a partnership, friendship, ceremonyship all in one. People forget you CAN make your ceremony personal to you and you CAN totally share your couple story within your ceremony and a celebrant is the way forward. Bex is the way forward. We loved working with her, the communication was insanely good. Lots of zoom chats, messages and calls she’s there to guide you. Remember what I said about her being the star? Her professionalism was up there because she really cares about her couples. Our guests loved the ceremony and they continue to share how ‘us’ it was. That’s a credit to Bex. We couldn’t thank her enough for the attention to detail, the fun and the delivery of our most important day. Friends for life. Star for life. Thankyou for staying bright and guiding our perfect day.

Jade and Chloe

There are NO WORDS to describe how PHENOMINAL Bex was not only for our ceremony but the entire lead up! We had barely 6-7 weeks to put together a wedding and instantly when I met Bex, I knew she was THE ONE. Her vibe, energy and just complete responsiveness was exactly what we needed to get the job done in that time frame/the style of surprise wedding we did. Every single one of our guests could NOT believe that Bex got her ceremony so spot on - it was so personal to us - captured us absolutely perfectly.. and to get all that from one meeting and a few answered questions is really a talent! The amount of people who said to us "If I get married again, I am getting Bex" was insane on the day. Bex - there is nothing more we can say other than THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. YOU MADE OUR DAY. We both cannot signing your praises and are so happy you were there to make our day as special as it was. Wouldn't have been the same without you and LOVE that we have you in our lives forever now xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Tina and Michael - July 2021

If you are considering booking a celebrant then look no further than Bex. A brilliant human being who we radiated to immediately. She created the absolute perfect ceremony for us and our day was wonderfully unique because of her. Every guest complimented us on how fun our ceremony was by comparison to the more traditional route and how they never even know a celebrant was an option! She took all of our ideas and personal touches and created a ceremony that was completely bespoke to us. Full of laughs, tears, and “in jokes” I couldn’t have asked for a more wonderful ceremony that kept all our guests entertained. She truly did us proud and created a memory we will adore. Thanks to her, our wedding was a dream. I could never be more grateful to this Incredibly talented, creative, thoughtful and wonderful lady who dresses like a badass and has an energy that is infectious. She is brilliant through and through and thanks to her our wedding ceremony was even more special and a moment us and our guests will never ever forget. Thank you a million times over Bex xxx

Georgina and Paul - October 2021

I actually don't even know where to start with describing just how incredible Bex is. Funny, beautiful, professional, colourful, friendly and just the best person you could ever choose to be such a big part of your wedding day. Firstly, after such a stressful time organising and rescheduling our wedding due to COVID, our wedding planner Lily Jones sent over a list of 5 celebrants that we may have been interested in. As soon as I looked over Bex's website I knew she was exactly what we wanted for our day - The VIBE WAS EVERYTHING. We met Bex initially via zoom and fell in love with her even more. Despite usually spending maybe a year or more getting to know her couples we only had 2-3 months but Bex was amazing every step of the way. She was incredibly supportive and was even there to just cry and moan to when wedding planning was all getting a bit too much! (We've all been there right?!) We met face to face for a breakfast date and she was every bit as beautiful, charming and funny as we thought she would be. Not only did she talk through every part of the wedding ceremony, she made us feel so comfortable and at ease about the whole thing, which given everything we had been through to get to the wedding day was incredible in itself! Fast forward to the big day and absolutely every single wedding guest we spoke could not speak highly enough of the ceremony and of Bex. She worked so unbelievably hard on our ceremony, listening intently and reading our questionnaires so well that she told our love story so far absolutely perfectly. It was detailed without being too long, highlighted all the funny stories and even involved our friends and family which they absolutely loved! If you are thinking about getting a celebrant, not sure what sort of thing you're looking for then I would without a doubt book Bex, and book quickly, this lady is busy and for GOOD REASON. We couldn't love Bex anymore, for the amazing ceremony that she gave us and the memories that we will never forget but for the supplier that we now call a friend - thank you, thank you thank you!! All our love, The new Mr & Mrs Chapman

Dani and Liam - July 2021

We originally selected a celebrant led wedding due to our venue not being registered and neither myself or my husband living near the venue. We talked about travelling down to a church for 6 weeks before but we felt like neither of us had religious beliefs and to do this for a church wedding would feel insincere for us as a couple. After we decided to have a celebrant led wedding we knew we wanted something that felt lively and fun and not something that sat too close to a registry wedding as we would do that separately anyway. Bex had a great vibe on her web page and we could tell she would write something with a lot of personal touches and would take on board our sense of humour. She did a great job of listening to us and finding out bits of information about us and our family and friends to add them into the wedding ceremony. The ceremony was incredible, even better than either Danny or myself thought it would be, even though we had read the script beforehand. I knew that there were some family and friends that were putting a brave face on and didn’t 100% understand how a non legal ceremony would work but I remember looking round the room when a reading was being done and seeing everyone completely captivated. Everyone spent the whole weekend talking about how amazing the ceremony was and I even had friends that said they wanted to change their wedding plans from a church wedding. As one of my friends said Bex mixed the perfect amount of sweet sentimental bits with funny comments which made the whole thing very personal and very us. I would recommend Bex to everyone! Thank you so much xx

Alice and Danny - September 2021

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