An awe-inspiring wedding at Asylum Chapel, London with an appliqué Evie Young bridal gown, the prettiest purple theme, celestial hair accessories and a live painting artist, all in one wedding? It's hard to believe, we know. But guess what! Dani & Jack are here to prove that all of this (and MUCH more) is possible. Recommended supplier Kirsty Mackenzie Photography captured the vibrancy perfectly, with the love-filled energy palpable in each photo. Their beautifully bespoke ceremony was led by Recommended supplier Bex The Celebrant, and trust us, it's a ceremony you will not want to miss. Dani's gorgeous hair and makeup were picture-perfect from start to finish, and that's all thanks to Recommended supplier Poppy Tallulah Hair & Makeup. Last but certainly not least, Recommended supplier Prezola sorted their gift list, the lucky pair!

This stunning appliqué sheer Evie Young bridal gown is going on our Christmas lists - 7 months early!

The vibe of the day was celestial, fun and alternative.

We wanted a colourful urban wedding with alternative vibes. We started centring the planning around the celestial theme. Once we had the colour scheme, everything fell into place to create a very 'us' wedding. From the ceremony and location to the flowers and decor, we swayed away from what we consider to be the 'traditional' wedding. We stayed true to our own style and vibe.

Dani & Jack

Going against the wedding grain

We had a celebrant-led wedding where we literally tied the knot, and celebrated with shots at the 'alter' which was completely personalised to us. We also had a surprise for the groom and guests. A stormtrooper for the reception, a live artist painting not only the ceremony but all the guests instead of favours, and some pretty unique bold flowers... Just to name a few! A bit of advice; it comes around quicker than you think! Be sure to make the day about you as a couple. We're so glad we did things our way.

Dani & Jack

It's impossible to choose one favourite moment... But here are some highlights:

- Getting married. Obviously. Meeting at the end of the aisle was such a special moment.

- Getting our portrait from Aaron.

- Fooling everyone with the shot (Dani faked hers as she was pregnant and we hadn't yet announced the news!)

- Our first dance - we used an acoustic version of 'First Date' which then led into the original where all of our guests joined us on the dance floor.

Dani & Jack

Live wedding entertainment in the form of watercolour painting, that turns into wedding favours? Talk about a multitasker! 

We're feeling positively powerful after this purple, palatial wedding! Too much alliteration? Ah, well. It's no easy feat capturing that sublime, celestial (once the alliteration starts, it's hard to stop) energy in photos - especially when Dani's Evie Young bridal gown sparkles so gosh darn hard. That's why it's paramount to have a wedding photographer who knows exactly what you're after and can deliver. Not sure where to start? Our article detailing the first steps to finding the perfect photographer is a pretty safe bet! If you want to find yourself a wedding venue that matches your vibe as perfectly as the Asylum Chapel did for Dani & Jack, then we highly recommend starting your search soon. Don't worry, it's not as daunting as it sounds - especially with the help of our article that goes over how far in advance you should book your wedding venue.

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Photographer: Kirsty Mackenzie Photography | Venue: Asylum Chapel | Videographer: Hushabye films | Entertainment: Event Illustrator , Fizz and Groove, Stormtrooper Steve | Florist: Peonies From Pluto | Cake Maker: Jens Cakery | Hair and Makeup: Poppy Tallullah Hair and Makeup | Bridal Outfits: Evie Young | Bridal Outfits : Fairy Goth Mother | Bridesmaids Outfits: Fairy Goth Mother | Bridal Boutique: Fairy Goth Mother | Bridal Robe: Sindy Bloom | Groom Outfit: Hugo Morris | Groomsmen Outfits : Mens Tweed Suits | Celebrant: Bex The Celebrant | Additional Suppliers: The Half Moon Pub, The Lord Ship Pub

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