You deserve a wedding ceremony that’s more than the same old same old. Imagine, an individually crafted ceremony; feel-good, fabulous, filled with emotion, written exclusively to celebrate you.


What areas of the country do you cover?

I mainly work across London and the South of England. If you're further afield or planning an overseas ceremony drop me a line and I’m very happy to see what I can do!

We’re not religious but some of our family are, will they feel comfortable at our ceremony?

It’s my job to make sure that everyone feels welcome! A Humanist ceremony is non-religious in nature but welcoming to all. Humanism is just about being guided by compassion and reason, thinking for yourself, yet acting for others. Whether your guests follow a faith, or not, they’ll be equally welcome and valued

We'd like our ceremony outdoors? Are there rules about where we can have our wedding with you?

A Humanist Wedding can be held almost anywhere! Dreaming of an outdoor wedding in your garden? Or a ceremony at your favourite beach or a handfasting in your local restaurant? I can make this happen for you! I have conducted wedding ceremonies in gardens, barns, historic venues and dry-hire spaces.

Is a Humanist ceremony legally recognised?

At the moment, Humanist ceremonies are sadly not legally recognised in England or Wales. They have been recognised in Scotland since 2005 and are now legally recognised in Jersey and Northern Ireland. But don’t despair! You can still have a feel-good, fabulous personalised Humanist ceremony. I can advise on how you can obtain a statutory legal registration from your local register office for usually around £50. You say all the legally required words, but you don’t have to include any of the ‘wedding-y’ bits unless you want to. You can choose to do this in the days, weeks or even months running up to your Humanist ceremony, or even on the day itself. I’m happy to help you figure out the right plan for you.

Do you marry couples from the LGBTQIA+ Community?

Yes!! Love is love! I’m delighted to officiate at weddings of people of any sex or gender identitity in any combination!

We need to think about disabled access & inclusion for our ceremony, can you help?

Absolutely! I create wedding ceremonies that are inclusive for all couples and all people. I know, from personal experience, that your ‘average wedding’ often poses challenges or barriers for some people. Making them feel ‘less than fabulous’ or even downright excluded. With 15 years professional experience in inclusive participation and a lifetime of understanding I will make sure that your ceremony is accessible to everyone involved!

How do you look after the environment & work sustainably?

I only use public transport (occasionally using the odd taxi) to travel to and from ceremonies - But I always arrive in PLENTY of time! I avoid unexpected traffic too! I’m passionate about animals and our environment. In light of this, I’d personally rather not take part in ceremonies that involve ‘releasing things’; doves, butterflies or paper lanterns for example. I am (of course!) completely cool with assistance & therapy animals, canine ring-bearers or feline wedding friends! If in doubt, please just give me a shout. When you receive your keepsake ceremony script after your wedding, you'll see there's a little something in there that helps you look after the environment and supports a sustainability charity too!


"The most beautiful bespoke ceremony, brimming with warmth and good humour. Her kindness and patience throughout the whole process is so incredibly calming, making you feel that you are in very safe hands.”

T & P, Derbyshire

“Kathryn is a fantastic advocate for accessible ceremonies, not only for a couple but also for their guests; As someone with a disability, I cannot think of anyone better to design a ceremony that is truly accessible to all”

S & T, Sussex

“Kathryn made everything so special and unique to us... The ceremony was a magical moment!”

J & T, South East London

“So beautiful! You have a wonderful way with words. Thank you for capturing us so beautifully!”

A & G, North London

"You were a huge part of making the day Amazing! Thank you for your guidance, support, and encouragement. So many guests commented how sincere and fun the ceremony was, we loved every moment. The ceremony was our highlight!

Maria & James

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