Saving couples from stuffy wedding photographs, one wedding at a time! Whether its a mad dash on the tube or walking through muddy puddles to your venue, I’m all about you & your day!


What makes you different from other wedding photographers?

Honestly? Nearly all my peers are fantastic photographers, so I'm a firm believer that it comes down to personality. We're the ones pulling you away from canapés for a couple of quick group shots, so you need to like your photographer! I really do believe photography should fit in round your wedding day, and not your wedding fitting in round a wedding photo-shoot. We've all been to a wedding where you see the couple get married...then not see them again until dinner. I love to hear about your plans and make sure we find small pockets of time to take the photos that you'll want in years to come

Do you travel?

I travel all over! I'm originally from South East London and have so many connections to the area, but I'm currently renovating a property in Norfolk for the hell of it! When I'm not pulling down 70's floral wallpaper, you'll catch me jet setting all over the UK and beyond. All England travel is included in my package prices so there's no hidden costs, and happy to talk further afield.

What would you say is your 'style'?

Great question. I come from a background of music/tour photography so documentary is a heavy feature in my work. However, I also did a short stint as a fashion and studio photographer so I also love a spot of curating that WOW photograph. There is no posing, no lovey-dovey nonsense (unless you want to!) and I'm always along for the adventure!

What coverage do you offer?

Having spent 8 years as a wedding photographer, I'm a firm believer that one package simply doesn't suit everyone. That's why I offer coverage from 6 hours starting at £1700 going up to 10 hours. Full packages can be found on my website

We hate having our photo taken...

Look, we aren't all Kim Kardashian & used to being followed around by a camera. I fully understand the idea of couple portraits being daunting as hell. I really do aim to make your wedding photography easy, fun and efficient! View your couple portrait session as a little time out together to have a laugh and remember why you're getting married to each other in the first place. It's important that we have zooms and even hang out in person so that by the time it comes to your wedding we all feel like we've been pals for ages.


Let me start by saying Lex is INCREDIBLE! I had two weddings in 2021 due to covid (one micro, and then a big celebration) and Lex agreed to shoot both our days and we absolutely adore every single photo she took at both events. I met Lex at a wedding fair in 2019 and I had never seen wedding photos like hers - she had such a unique and distinctive style, which I fell in love with straight away, as I knew my partner would too. Lex doesn't waste hours of your wedding day taking staged photos, but instead she quickly gets you in order and gets the shots she needs, and then spends a lot of time capturing the exact vibe of your day - which for us are the most precious photos of all, that bring all the memories and feelings of our day(s) flooding back. She is efficient but also friendly, a very hard combination to achieve I'm sure but she nails it. I am SO lucky I found her, and I can't imagine our photos being in any other style but hers. Would highly recommend and would definitely use again (if we ever have a third wedding.....)

Stephanie & Houman

I cannot rave about Lex enough - choosing a photographer was a big deal for me - not only are they the part of the day that lives on but as a designer the aesthetic of them was so important. I was recommended Lex by three different people within the space of a month, and that felt too serendipitous to ignore, so I booked her pretty quickly after that! I did then get the nerves that perhaps I hadn't researched hard enough, that I had been too hasty, that they wouldn't be everything I wanted. I need not have worried at all, when Lex sent us her "preview" two days after the wedding I couldn't believe how magical the shots were. They captured everything we could have wanted. Six months later my mum is still obsessively showing them to everyone she sees. On top of the work itself, Lex was professional, friendly, easy to communicate with and just the right amount of bossy with difficult family members!! I would recommend her in a heartbeat.

Lucy & James

Lex is incredible. Skilled, focused and friendly she was as ‘up for it’ as we were from the start. Our photos are everything we had hoped for, we were blown away. Myself and my husband aren’t really ones for taking photos of ourselves/one another, we were a bit daunted that the attention would be on us all day, and we started the day with photos just the two of us (and the dogs) actually before getting married - just because of logistics. I was nervous at first, but it turned out to be really fun and we barely even thought about the fact we were having our photos taken, Lex put us both at ease instantly and we all just laughed the whole way through. Once that was over and we had both relaxed it was a breeze and our photos are honestly so amazing, she got every single detail. Every time I look through the album I beam, being taken back to the best day of my life. We spent £6k on the day so the photography was our biggest cost. It was worth every penny, I look at the photos every day. Could not recommend Lex enough! The quality of her photos are amazing, but she will really add an element of fun to your day too. 100%, 10/10, gold star for Lex.

Lucie & Lewis

Lex is a FANTASTIC photographer!! We searched for a wedding photographer with something a bit different.. a bit quirky, like us. We love Lex’s style, the colours and natural didn’t-realise-you-were-there shots. No cheesy shots allowed. On the big day, nothing was too much trouble. She travelled all the way to us in Liverpool and worked until the last second! She was sneakily snapping away and then was cheerfully bossy when we asked her to be (herding our family into shots)!! We are both camera shy and not body confident - but we had a lot of fun messing around - and didn’t stop to worry about looking like a prat! The final photos are wonderful. We’ve had so many people complement us on them.. and people asking if she’d do their weddings.. so get your name in quick - she’s gonna be super busy!! Love ya Lex and thanks!!!

Vicky & Jennifer

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