Whether you’re planning your wedding to specifically avoid the rain or not, unfortunately, the weather is the one thing you can’t plan for and the UK is a place known for its rainy weather. In this article, we’re going over exactly what to do it if rains on your wedding day. In our eyes, it’s always best to have a Plan B and to inform your suppliers of this so that everything runs smoothly. No, it’s not bad luck to prepare! So, if the weather is forecast to rain, it’s best to get a wedding umbrella and wellies so you enjoy yourselves regardless of rain or shine.

What to do if it rains on your wedding day - our tips and tricks to keep your chin and umbrellas up!

What Does Rain on Your Wedding Day Mean?

Is rain good luck on your wedding day? Yes! Although you might wish for glorious sunshine on your wedding day, it actually is supposed to be good luck in many cultures if it rains on your wedding day. Some see rainy weather as a washing away of any bad memories and past the couple may have and offering them a new start as they start their married life. In Hindu tradition, rain is a sign of a strong and lasting marriage since the knot is harder to untie. This also relates to traditional handfasting ceremonies where a literal knot was tied in outdoor ceremonies. Wet weather also symbolises fertility, fortune and abundance. 

If it is forecast to rain on your wedding day, you’ll probably be told this a lot and it might not make you feel better about the weather but rest assured your venue and supplier are used to dealing with Plan Bs, Cs and Ds so don’t let the rain dampen your mood. Just keep your chin and umbrellas up! 

Should You Make A Plan B in case of rain? 

The short answer is, yes! It certainly wouldn’t hurt if you made a few backup plans, especially if you wanted to have an outdoor ceremony or had a lot of vendors that would be based outdoors like street food vans, cocktail bars, live bands, and outdoor games. 

Tips for Navigating Rain on Your Wedding Day

  • Check the Weather - Once you’ve checked the forecast and have seen that it may rain on your wedding day. The first step is to talk to your wedding planner, venue coordinator and other suppliers to see if they have a rainy-day backup plan. 
  • Finalise a Backup Plan - Once you’ve checked that your venue has an indoor/covered area or a marquee on hand, finalise all the other details in your rainy day plan!
  • Come Prepared - If you wanted an outdoor wedding but now have to move it indoors, think about how you can recreate a natural feel indoors e.g. hay bales for rustic indoor seating, plenty of wildflowers and foliage.
  • Protect Your Guests - Think about keeping your guests dry and warm with umbrella wedding favours or blankets and some clear ponchos to keep their outfits looking sharp.
  • Wedding Fashion Choices - Be aware you may have to swap your Jimmy Choo wedding shoes for some wellies! Make sure you’re prepared with your wedding accessories too!
  • Shield Your Dress, Makeup and Hair - If your hair is prone to frizz at the merest hint of rain or humidity (think Monica in that Friends episode), make sure you treat it to plenty of love in the run-up to your wedding with moisturising products. It may be worth switching to an updo look. For makeup, consider a heavy-duty setting spray. Your make-up artists will know the best ones! Lastly, of course, you’ll need a wedding umbrella! 
  • Set the Expectation - Let guests know of any updates on your wedding website. Keep in touch with suppliers and rest assured that your photographer will scout the venue and will have plenty of indoor and outdoor (but covered) locations they’d love to capture you in. 
  • Be Flexible - You still may have to make last-minute changes or sacrifices on the day. For example, serve some hot drinks instead of cool cocktails! 
  • Embrace It - At the end of the day, it’s still your special big day! And we guarantee that on the actual day, you won’t be thinking too much about the weather because you’ll be too focused on getting married! Plus, in our opinion, cloudy wedding photos have that drama we just love! A true movie moment! Get your bridal party different coloured welly boots that correspond to their dresses and have fun with the weather. Having everyone kept indoors also keeps the vibes going all night long!

The Most Overlooked Wedding Day Accessory - Wedding Umbrellas 

Amidst all of the decisions that a couple must make when planning their special occasion, often overlooked is the one item that can save a wedding day: an umbrella! In the picturesque Lake District, Louise and her husband Steven, got married in the rain. “With the wedding booked for March, I knew rain was likely, but I was going to enjoy the day regardless and made sure I was armed with a good umbrella, so I'd be happy to get outside”, says Louise.

The couple chose the Classic Ivory White English Wedding Umbrella by Bucklesbury. The umbrella seamlessly matched Louise’s wedding dress and their photographer was able to utilise it as a striking feature in their wedding photos. Each Bucklesbury umbrella is handmade in London and they are the only umbrellas in the world to carry the Rain Tested In EnglandTM' trademark in recognition of their provenance in a country that is famous for its rainy weather.

"Don't worry about the rain! Whilst it would have been nice to get out in the sun, we still had a fantastic day with our loved ones, and the grey skies only helped to add drama to our photos. I don't have any regrets about a wet wedding day - just get a good umbrella ready!"


A rainy wedding day is actually good luck and is seen as blessed in many traditions 

Now you know what to do if it rains on your wedding day! Still dreaming of a gorgeous golden hour couple portrait? Don’t worry, we asked some of our Recommended Photographers for their top tips on getting that literal picture-perfect golden hour photo even on cloudy or rainy days. Are you planning an outdoor wedding ceremony? Take a look at our outdoor civil ceremony rules, so you’re up to date on all the legal bits and bobs.  

Leah Blundell

Written by Leah Blundell

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