RMW Rates – Sofia Plana Photography

Sofia Plana Photography RMW Rates   Sofia Plana Photography

We are really pleased to welcome Sofia Plana Photography to The Love Lust List. The Rock My Wedding directory with a difference.

Rock My Wedding hand select and verify each of our suppliers, we know for a fact that every member of our directory has the ability to make your wedding day rock!

You can find Sofia Plana Photography in our National and Spanish Photographers category.

Sofia Plana Top Ten International Wedding Photographer in UK and Spain 0001 RMW Rates   Sofia Plana Photography

Check Sofia Plana Photography out and remember if you are looking for vendors and suppliers with the RMW seal of approval, the Love Lust List is only one click away via the ‘Find A Supplier’ tab in the header section.

  • sofia plana photography RMW Rates   Sofia Plana Photography

    Sofia Plana Photography

    t: 07863 723874
    e: sofia@sofiaplana.com

    About Us

    Hi! I’m Sofia. I’m a creative wedding photographer, a hopeless romantic, artistic and in love with natural light and cinematic look. I love documenting your wedding day as it unfolds, telling your story and capturing timeless moments. I’m Spanish but based in London. I work in London and Madrid but happy to travel throughout the UK, Spain and all over the world.

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A Magical Spot In Melbourne

cover4 A Magical Spot In Melbourne

Brad and Ellie’s wedding was always going to be something beautiful and a little unconventional. They are both architects and spent a lot of time preparing both the little and big details of their day.

Held on Brad’s family’s property, about 1 hour outside of Melbourne they wanted a wedding celebration that encompassed all of the things they loved – good style, good friends and plenty of good music.

Brad and Ellie 0001 A Magical Spot In Melbourne


The Fashion Pack Presents – World Dresses.

fashpackgowns The Fashion Pack Presents   World Dresses.

This afternoon we’re checking in with our Bridal Fashion Pack members to find out which of their dresses they would recommend for a destination wedding. You can find their latest collections in the Bridal Fashion Collections tab above.

Whether you are getting married on the beach with a bohemian ceremony, at a rustic retreat in the Mediterranean countryside or at a slick and chic city centre hotel – the lovely Fashion Pack ladies have got a dress for you.

Belle & Bunty, Charlotte Balbier, Johanna Hehir, Wednesday Roses, Halfpenny London, Naomi Neoh and Suzanne Neville and TwoBirds are all designers with a strong individual identity and between them they have dresses for all budgets, tastes, and with it being international week on RMW – all locations too!

So, as always, we want to know which dress is your favourite? Are any of you lucky enough to be having a delicious destination wedding? Are any of you wearing gowns by one of these amazing designers? Don’t worry, you don’t have to disclose which particular style, but we’d love to know who you’re wearing and where you’ll be wearing it.

And if anyone happens to be wearing one of these dresses in the location the designer has recommended…then please do tell!!

These really are the ultimate gowns for destination weddings, handpicked by our Fashion Pack members.

BB destination post The Fashion Pack Presents   World Dresses.


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An Elegant Supper In The Italian Mountains.

tamraandsimon An Elegant Supper In The Italian Mountains.

Yesterday we took you to Maine in the US…today we are heading to the region of Piedmont in Italy. More specifically, the ancient town of Alba.

Alba is a gastronomic gem and is also famous for wine production. So it was the perfect location for the wedding of self-proclaimed foodie couple, Tamra and Simon, who both work in the wine industry.

Their wedding is one of pure class. Every detail screams elegance, from Tamra’s slinky Jenny Packham gown, to Simon’s Tom Ford suit, to the crisp linen, the crystal glasses and the choice of simple white roses for the centre pieces…it really is the epitome of wedding chic. And I know I say it often, but for me – simple is always better.

The location and gorgeous sunshine will have you pining for a cold glass of dry white wine while basking in the Mediterranean sun.

The images come from RMW regulars, M&J Photography who are lucky (and talented) enough to shoot some absolutely incredible weddings. I know you’re all going to love this one…and I can think of a few of our RMW Real Brides who I know will love it too…

Elegant Wedding In Italy At The Locanda del Pilone Hotel And Restaurant With Bride In Julianne By Jenny Packham And Groom In Tom Ford Suit With A Five Course Italian Banquet 1 An Elegant Supper In The Italian Mountains.


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It’s International Week!

international week1 Its International Week!

If you caught up with the blog this morning or checked into our Facebook page then you’ll be aware that this week is International Week on RMW. Hello and welcome!!

International week you ask? What’s that? Is it where we all dress up as parodies of countrymen from various nations (think berets and necklaces of garlic for the French, lederhosen for the Germans) and eat their national dish by the bucketload? (Did you ever do that at school?!)

No folks. It’s much, MUCH better than that!

International week is all about treating you folk to the most sublime, awe-inspiring and fun weddings from around the world. Yep that’s right, we’ve gone GLOBAL.

And why have we decided to do that then? Well I’m glad you asked…

It’s all because our Love Lust List, our handpicked directory of wedding suppliers, has gone international!

If you haven’t already found our Love Lust List – then where have you been?! It’s THE place to go to source suppliers who have the official Rock My Wedding seal of approval – lovely people who we know will help you create the wedding of your dreams.

And now, we’re proud to announce that regardless of where you might be marrying we can now help you find great suppliers from all over the world!


We thought we’d help kick the week off by sharing the RMW Team’s favourite past destination weddings…the ones that made our hearts flutter and our eyes get a bit wet.

I guarantee you’ll love them all!


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RMW Rates – Boa Boutique

BOA Bridal Boutique RMW Rates   Boa Boutique

We are really pleased to welcome Boa Boutique to The Love Lust List. The Rock My Wedding directory with a difference.

Rock My Wedding hand select and verify each of our suppliers, we know for a fact that every member of our directory has the ability to make your wedding day rock!

You can find Boa Boutique in our West London Boutiques category.

Top Ten Luxury Wedding Bridal Boutiques London UK West London BOA Boutique 0001 RMW Rates   Boa Boutique

Check Boa Boutique out and remember if you are looking for vendors and suppliers with the RMW seal of approval, the Love Lust List is only one click away via the ‘Find A Supplier’ tab in the header section.

  • BOA boutique 1 RMW Rates   Boa Boutique
    BOA boutique 1
    BOA boutique 2 RMW Rates   Boa Boutique
    BOA boutique 2
    BOA boutique 3 RMW Rates   Boa Boutique
    BOA boutique 3
    BOA boutique 4 RMW Rates   Boa Boutique
    BOA boutique 4
    BOA boutique 5 RMW Rates   Boa Boutique
    BOA boutique 5

    Boa Boutique

    t: 0208 948 2340
    e: info@boa-boutique.co.uk

    About Us

    Boa Boutique showcases a stunning collection of bridal, special occasion wear and accessories in their sumptuous bridal lounge.
New to BOA at ‘Brides the Show,’ this Spring sees the launch of our début Harmony collection – effortless, elegant, chic and glamorous, all hand made made in London of the best silks and French lace using finely honed couture skills.


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The Beauty Of The Ocean.

taniaandchris The Beauty Of The Ocean.

Welcome to International Week on RMW – yes, that’s right – we’re going global! This week we’re treating you to some of the most beautiful, elegant and fun weddings IN THE WORLD. In fact, I’d go as far to say that this week you’ll see some of the prettiest weddings EVER to hit RMW.

And it’s all because our Love Lust List, our handpicked directory of wedding suppliers, has gone international!

If you haven’t already found our Love Lust List – then where have you been?! It’s the place to go to find suppliers who we think are great and who will help you create the wedding of your dreams.

And now, we are helping you find great suppliers from all over the world!

This morning we are off to Maine, USA. It’s no exaggeration when I say that this wedding took my breath away. The incredible natural scenery, the use of light, the feeling of warmth that radiates from the family images…

Tania & Christopher’s wedding is absolutely beautiful. They married at Tania’s family home, surrounded by the sea and by people they love. The images from Rebekah J Murray are exquisite.

Tania has some wonderful words of advice about embracing imperfection too. It’s definitely something we all need to remember from time-to-time.

Elegant Wedding By The Sea In Maine USA With Bride In J Crew Dress And Groom In Navy Banana Republic Suit With An Outdoor Ceremony At The Brides Family Home With Beautiful Photography From Rebekah J Murray 1 The Beauty Of The Ocean.


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Suzanne Neville 2015 “Novello” Collection.

Cover Image quote3 Suzanne Neville 2015 “Novello” Collection.

Happy Friday you gorgeous lot you! It’s nearly the weekend and we’ve got a special treat in store for you today to see you through to the weekend and it’s all about some FABULOUS frockage. Yep – we’ve got the UK blog exclusive of the new Suzanne Neville “Novello” 2015 collection and boy are we excited to show you!

Adam and I were invited to Suzanne’s catwalk show at the Tower of London earlier this week and as usual she did not disappoint. In fact we were so blown away by her beautiful gowns that we simply couldn’t wait any longer to share them with you. So here you have it…a same week exclusive, we really do spoil you don’t we…!

As you can imagine the Rock My Wedding team see their fair share of catwalk shows, and more gowns than you can shake your stick at…but Suzanne’s productions are always that little bit special; it doesn’t hurt that she unveils each year’s collection in the building next to the Crown Jewels either. Yes that would be the history geek in me revealing herself.

Novello” is described as capturing “the essence of British eccentricity in theatre and costume, evoking London’s past and present…the collection is as diverse as it is dramatic…the bride is the star of the show on her day, the wedding gown her costume”… we would agree, and couldn’t have put it better ourselves.

Whilst it was almost impossible to pick out my favourites (honestly every dress was to die for!) I have managed to choose a selection which really did catch my eye which I’ll guide you through in a mini mo.

Rest assured we’ve still included images of every design for you to enjoy, taken by our very own Mr Adam, which you can pin to your heart’s content. Just check out the gallery at the end of the post to see all the pretty. All that remains is to go forth and swoon lovelies!


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The Family Tree.

rebeccaandwill The Family Tree.

Rebecca and Will decided that saving for a house was far more important than splurging on a wedding. So they set a budget and stuck to it. This meant lots of crafting, bargain hunting and clever tricks to make things look pretty.

Don’t worry – Rebecca will tell you all about her genius thrifty ways so you too can create a beautiful wedding on a small budget.

The cute couple married at Rebecca’s family church where her Granddad planted a tree when he was a boy. What a lovely way to honour past generations.

I also love the idea of including recipe cards as RSVPs with your invitations and asking your guests to write down their favourite recipes. Imagine all of the delights you’d end up making that you would never have thought of before!

Vintage Inspired DIY Wedding At Kingston Village Hall With Bride In 50s Style Tea Length Gown And Groom In Topman Suit With Red Shoes And Knitted Bouquets Ties And Corsages With Fete Games And A Coconut Shy 1 The Family Tree.


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What Sarah Did… Swooned For The H-moon

cover2 What Sarah Did… Swooned For The H moon

Happy Thursday everyone! I have an apt post for you today seeing as our Jackie is currently bronzing her b-hind on her honeymoon; so jealous right now! We are thinking of (envying) you Mrs Curtis! Whilst I was sat envying Jackie, I counted down the days till I get to bronze my own b-hind whilst guzzling down copious amounts of mojitos and chomping on my bodyweight in pulled pork on the beach – precisely 81 days and counting (wow don’t I sound glamorous – yes I am bordering on wanting our honeymoon more than the wedding ;-)). Then I realised honeymoon’s haven’t really been spoken about much in the ‘real bride/real weddings’ section of the blog, after all the glitz and glam of the wedding is over by that point and that’s what we talk about here in the Rock My Wedd-o-sphere! It’s certainly one of the things I am looking forward to most, so maybe you are too, therefore, let’s talk about it more!

Photo 1 What Sarah Did… Swooned For The H moon

So how did it all begin? This GREAT excuse for a holiday after you’ve just married the man of your dreams is said to stem back to the 1540’s and we have our very own Brits to thank for it. As with most things, there are various stories about its origin, for example, newlyweds would drink a honey potion every day for the first month after their nuptials. Or mead was drunk at the wedding and for a month after (sufficient quantities for one full cycle of the moon), as both were believed to boost fertility! According to the online etymology dictionary (which by the way, if you didn’t know before – because I didn’t, there I fessed up – etymology means the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history) in the 1540’s it was known as ‘hony moone’; the “indefinite period of tenderness and pleasure experienced by a newly wed couple”. ‘Hony’ was said to reference ‘the new marriage’s sweetness’ and ‘moone’ a reference to how long it would last. It is also said to be the ‘”post-wedding holiday”, with the words honeymooned and honeymooning coming about in the early 1800’s. Another possible origin, closely linked to above is in reference to the ‘waning of love’ as quoted from Richard Huloet’s Abecedarium Anglico Latinum “Honeymoon, is a term proverbially applied to such as to be new married, which will not fall out at the first, but the one loveth the other at the beginning exceedingly, the likelihood of their exceeding love appearing to assuage, the which time the vulgar people call the honey moon”. Not so nice? Translated into 21st Century language, it was the period when married love was said to be as sweet as honey, which waned in the same time period as a full cycle of the moon. Mmm, a lot to chew on there! Personally I think it was just a great excuse to ‘consummate’ ones marriage, whilst carrying on the ‘party of love’ together with those butterflies in your tummy and de-stressing from the prepping – all at the same time!

Photo 2 What Sarah Did… Swooned For The H moon

‘Usually’ and I use the term loosely, honeymooning starts straight after the wedding, that’s what has always been the thing to do. We have all seen the movies and heard the tales of the bride and groom jumping into a decorated carriage after their reception, maybe even Cinderella-like at midnight, off to some romantic retreat to ‘get to know each other a little better’ (you know what I’m saying heh heh ;-)) But times ‘they-have-a-changed’ and that’s generally not as practical anymore. With the rat race the way it is these days, lots of people leave their honeymoon to a later date. Whether it is due to tying up loose ends with the reception or venue, spending time with family and friends who have travelled for the celebrations (we fit into this category) work commitments, lack of annual leave or finances (and any other life interfering factor that can denounce fun), sometimes a honeymoon just isn’t practical straight after a wedding anymore, so more and more people choose to do this at a later date. Heck, some people don’t even have a honeymoon and choose to put the dinero toward a house deposit instead (I like your savvy thinking here sisters!) We actually discussed postponing ours, after all, we are flying half way round the world for our wedding, but I don’t mind admitting that I had a diva moment… “Um no, I think not! I would quite like two weeks of uninterrupted bride and groom party time in the sun please!” So off we will be jetting to our favourite destination en route back to New Zealand. While we are on the topic of New Zealand, SO many people come here for their honeymoon and no, before you ask I have not been paid by the tourist board to do a shameless plug, but if you are struggling to decide on a destination I can vouch this place would be a pretty awesome retreat. No matter what you‘re into, NZ really does cater for everyone, infact the more I write, maybe we should of just honeymooned at home?! You could come here and do the whole thing, wedding and honeymoon! Another bonus is just last year the land of the long white cloud had its law changed and same-sex marriage is now legal here – so proud of this little country I call home.
Here is another option, why not save your romantic vacation for your Babymoon… “Say whaaaat?!” I hear you holah? Oh yes, or there is your Minimoon, your Familymoon or your Grandparentmoon… ok I made the last one up, but the first two are actually ‘moons’ that people have these days – whoever moderated the honeymoon trend has made a few buckaroonies eh! I heard about this Babymoon craze not so long ago from a close friend of mine, to say the least I was baffled. But my ol’ 7 months, preggo’d up, buddy said she was off on her Babymoon for their last hurrah as just Mr and Mrs with no plus one! I think it’s a super cute idea actually – and what a last hurrah they had, even got bloody nakey-noodled in the hot tub and all! That’s probably more than I would even do on my H-moon icon wink What Sarah Did… Swooned For The H moon

Photo 3 What Sarah Did… Swooned For The H moon

If you are still thinking about whether to H-moon or not, will you try something new? Or are you craving the traditional B&B in an undisclosed location? What about a safari or action adventure full of ski diving and bungee jumping? I have also heard of yoga retreats and a weeklong couples detox in a beautiful Thai sanctuary (personally I cannot think of anything worse, our wedding would probably be annulled by the end of the Honeymoon if we did this, no-one needs to combine hangry times with romance, show me the vino!) What about camping, glamping or tramping? A roadtrip, ski trip, cruise or city break maybe? There is the other option of course, screw the locale and get yourself on trip advisor and look for the best hotel room the planet has to offer, you may not want to leave the hotel room after all, eh hem… so pick the place with the best bed! What ever you might like to do, here is some destination-love to lose yourself in this Thursday afternoon…

Photo 4 What Sarah Did… Swooned For The H moon

Where are you off to/what did you do? What are your plans instead? If you are a destination bride, are you staying on for a week of Mc’fun-in and Mc’lovin’? Tell us your plans and your preparations. Speaking of which, don’t even get me started on honeymoon fashion for poolside chic, nail polish and bikinis… that’s a whole other post!

Photo 5 What Sarah Did… Swooned For The H moon

Before I sign out for this week, can we please have a big shout and celebratory champagne glass ‘chink chink’ for our RMW Real Bride Miss Stef who is getting married to her sweetheart in two wee days!! Och aye the noo! (If you didn’t know she’s Scottish I haven’t lost my marbles) We are all thinking of you gorgeous and will be sending lots of love your way.

Sarah xxx


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