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When it comes to bridal fashion, the spotlight often shines on gorgeous white gowns. However, let's not forget about the other half of the aisle. Grooms, it's your time to shine, too! While finding the perfect wedding dress is undoubtedly a priority, selecting the right suit is equally important (dare we say).

If you're a groom in search of wedding suit inspiration, look no further! While a suit may seem like a straightforward choice, there's much more to consider than meets the eye. From the season and location of your wedding to the dress code and personal style preferences - every detail counts. 

So, let's dive into the world of wedding suits for grooms and explore how to make the perfect choice for your special day.

What suit should a groom wear?

In the world of weddings, there's no such thing as "should." Your wedding day is all about you, and the most important thing is that you feel confident and dashing in your chosen suit. While the decision is entirely personal, there are a few factors worth considering that might guide you in the right direction.

For instance, if you're exchanging vows on a sunny beach or during the balmy days of summer, you'll likely want to opt for a lightweight material like linen. Or, if you're hosting a formal black-tie affair, it's best to stick to the classics with a sleek black tuxedo. Ultimately, the choice is always yours, but paying some extra attention to considerations like these can help ensure that your suit not only looks great, but also suits the tone and setting of your special day.

What colour suit is most popular for grooms?

If you’re after the traditional tuxedo look, a black groom suit will also be the winner. However, different coloured groom suits are becoming ever-popular for the grooms who want their wedding attire to showcase their personality. While we would never say no to a bold pop of colour, navy blue, grey or white suits are all popular groom suit choices in 2024

Which brand is best for wedding suits?

Finding the perfect groom suit is easier than ever, regardless of your budget - whether you're browsing the high street or indulging in luxury brands. While tailored options are often recommended for the best fit, don't discount the offerings from high street retailers. You can achieve a polished look and save money by purchasing from the high street and then investing in tailoring services.

However, with such a significant decision ahead, it's understandable if you don't know where to start your search. To help steer you in the right direction, we've curated a selection of our current favourites. These brands are featured in our edit of the best wedding suits for grooms in 2024, offering a range of styles and options to suit every taste and preference.

The best brands for wedding suits in 2024

  • Moss Bros 
  • Charles Tyrwhitt
  • Hawes & Curtis 
  • Suit Direct 
  • Reiss
  • Suit Supply
  • Mango
  • M&S
  • ASOS
  • Slaters

How do I choose a groom suit?

Again, it depends on what type of look you’re going for and the general vibe of your wedding. But one day to break it down is by the style of the suit itself. If you’re not one to don formalwear daily, we’ve broken it down for you: 


Formal weddings:

Morning suits: A traditional choice featuring a long jacket with tails, worn with a waistcoat and striped trousers, reminiscent of mid-19th century British formalwear.

Evening tailcoats: Similar to morning suits but with a double-breasted model, sharply cut-away skirt, and silk-faced lapels, ideal for highly formal events.

Tuxedos: Timeless and versatile, often paired with a black tie, suitable for various formal occasions.

Dinner suits: Sleek and minimal, usually in black, offering flexibility with single- or double-breasted blazers for a polished look.


Semi-formal weddings:

Blazers or suit jackets: Substitute for tuxedos and dinner jackets, offering elegance without being overly formal, whether worn alone or as part of a three-piece ensemble.

Wedding suits: Less formal than tuxedos but still tailored, offering variations suitable for semi-formal events beyond the wedding day.


Casual weddings:

Two-piece suits: Ideal for relaxed ceremonies or receptions, offering versatility with colourful styles, patterns, and mix-and-match options for blazers, waistcoats, trousers, and shirts.



For more detail on wedding suit styles, check out our full and complete guide to wedding suits for grooms.

Best wedding suits for grooms in 2024

Just like bridal fashion and wedding dresses, grooms suits have come a long way in the last couple of years. More and more of our real grooms are embracing their personal style on their wedding day and opting for a suit, jacket or waistcoat that reflects their personality. We've rounded up some of our favourite wedding suits for grooms to inspire all husbands-to-be out there. 

Black tie groom suits 

Black tie isn't just reserved for cocktail parties and elegant soirées; it's a timeless and classic style, perfect for weddings throughout the year. We adore this dress code because it ensures everyone looks the part, creating a beautifully synchronised aesthetic. Picture flowing gowns, chic heels, and stylish fascinators - an ensemble that exudes suave sophistication.

This look is particularly appealing if the groom typically opts for a suit and desires something a bit more distinctive. Plus, it's the ideal complement if your attire is sleek and alluring, evoking visions of a modern-day 007 accompanying his glamorous counterpart.

Moss Bros model wearing black tie wedding suit for groom

Tailored Fit Shawl Lapel Tuxedo, Moss Bros.

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Modern black tie tuxedo for wedding suit for groom from Reiss

Modern Fit Double Breasted Tuxedo Jacket, Reiss.

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Modern Fit Tuxedo Trousers, Reiss.

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Linen groom suits 

If you're aiming for a more laid-back vibe on your big day, why not opt for a linen groom suit? Linen suits offer something different from tradition while providing a relaxed elegance that suits various wedding styles. The soft shades of linen perfectly complement romantic colour schemes, while its lightweight material makes it ideal for summer weddings.

Linen wedding suit for groom from Suit Supply

Sand Herringbone Roma Suit, Suit Supply.

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Linen suit for groom from Mango

100% Linen Slim-Fit Suit Jacket, Mango.

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Slim Fit Suit Pants 100% Linen, Mango.

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Navy groom suits 

If a black groom suit is somewhat too expected, but you're not one to reach for bold colours, why not consider a navy groom suit for a timeless and versatile option? Navy suits are a classic choice that exudes sophistication and style, perfect for formal and semi-formal weddings. The rich navy colour adds a touch of elegance to any wedding theme, from traditional to contemporary. And the best thing about blue groom suits is that you can choose a shade you love. From almost-black navy tones to a brighter royal blue - we adore navy groom suits

Navy groom suit from Charles Tyrwhitt

Dinner Suit - Dark Navy, Charles Tyrwhitt. 

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Navy and black check groom suit from Moss Bros

Tailored Fit Navy Black Check Suit, Moss Bros. 

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Grey groom suits 

Grey groom suits offer a refined and understated elegance, perfect for a modern wedding aesthetic. For those seeking a sophisticated alternative to black or navy, grey suits are an excellent choice. The versatility of grey allows you to adapt your look to suit any wedding style, whether it's a formal affair or a more relaxed celebration. From light dove grey to deep charcoal, you'll find a shade of grey to suit every groom's taste. Plus, grey suits pair effortlessly with a wide range of shirt and tie combinations, making it easy to personalise your look while maintaining a timeless appeal.

Grey groom suit from Ted Baker, available at Suit Supply

Antila Cool Grey Slim Suit, Ted Baker/ Suit Direct. 

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Grey groom suit from M&S

Skinny Fit Stretch Suit, M&S. 

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White groom suits 

Ever thought white was only reserved for the bride? Think not! White groom suits are gaining popularity this year, and we're here for it! Opting for a white suit on your wedding day makes a bold statement, showcasing your distinctive style and confidence. Perfect for warm-weather weddings or beachside ceremonies, white suits bring a sense of freshness and purity, creating a memorable look that stands out against traditional attire. Whether you choose a classic white tuxedo for a formal affair or a more relaxed linen suit for a casual celebration, white groom suits offer versatility and refinement for any wedding setting.

White groom suit from Hawes & Curtis

White Tuxedo Jacket - 1913 Collection, Hawes & Curtis. 

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White groom suit from ASOS

ASOS DESIGN Wedding Slim Suit Jacket in Stone Birdseye Texture, ASOS. 

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ASOS DESIGN Wedding Slim Suit Trousers in Stone Birdseye Texture, ASOS.

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Tweed groom suits 

Tweed groom suits offer a charmingly rustic and vintage-inspired aesthetic, perfect for couples seeking a touch of heritage and tradition on their special day. With its textured fabric and earthy tones, tweed exudes warmth and character, making it an ideal choice for autumn or winter weddings or countryside celebrations. Whether you opt for a classic tweed three-piece suit or mix and match with tweed trousers paired with a contrasting jacket, tweed groom suits add a distinctive and stylish flair to your wedding ensemble. 

Tweed groom suit in earthy pine tone from Moss Bros

Tailored Fit Olive Herringbone Suit, Moss Bros.

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Tweed groom suit in grey from Moss Bros

Tailored Fit Grey Three Piece Suit, Slaters.

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What about groom suit hire?

While we're passionate about finding a groom suit you love and can cherish for future events, formalwear may not be a staple in everyone's wardrobe. In such cases, groom suit hire presents a planet-friendly and practical solution for bagging your wedding attire. Opting for rental reduces waste and allows you to access high-quality suits tailored to your specifications without committing to a purchase. So, whether you're aiming for sustainability or seeking budget-friendly options, groom suit hire offers a convenient and eco-conscious alternative worth considering for your special day. Browse Moss Bros groom suit hire for an easy and stylish solution.

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