There's nothing we love more than a handsome man in a suit. So many of you tell us that one of your favourite moments of the day is clapping eyes on your husband-to-be for the first time, suited and booted. Whatever your other half wears on a daily basis, his personal style can be reflected in the wedding day fashion. There are some really excellent tailored and ready-to-wear options, perfect for every budget. We have another article if you want to get into the detail of wedding suit styles but if you're here for the groom suit ideas we're loving at the moment, read on. 

Black Tie

Not just for cocktail parties and evening soirees, the black tie is having a real moment amongst many grooms suit ideas. We LOVE this look as it means everyone has to dress the part, which is great for a synchronised aesthetic! Think gowns, heels, and fascinators. It's suave and sophisticated  - the perfect look if your groom wears a suit most days and wants something a little different. Also, a great pairing if you're wearing a dress and it's sleek and sexy - he can be your 007.

Non-black black tie

Oh, we love a rule breaker! Your day your way and all that. Especially when it comes to grooms suit ideas. Imagine all the things we mentioned above plus a splash of colour? Yes please. From so dark blue it's almost black to the lightest of pinks and white, black-tie looks good in any colour.

GROOMS Light Jackets

If the vibe of your day is more relaxed and steering away from the traditional, why not consider a light jacket for your groom? Not only are the shades perfect for complementing soft and romantic colour schemes, but these tones are also gorgeous for summer months. However, as demonstrated in our grooms suit ideas below, don light jackets with burgundy and you've got an Autumnal winner too. 


Navy has been the obvious choice of weddings for a long time – it's classic, elegant, and timeless. But right now, we're loving a slightly brighter shade of blue. It pops a little more and definitely feels younger and a little more fun-loving. This pop of colour lends itself well to a wedding colour story of both neutrals and brights. Buttonholes also tend to stand out beautifully against the lapel. As you can see with the grooms suit ideas below, you can switch up waistcoat and/or trouser colour to suit the desired look for you day.


And last but by no means least, possibly the most fun way to dress for your wedding day – checks. We love the vibe a checked suit brings. It's casual, confident, and synonymous with a rustic wedding. The best thing about this pattern is that it can vary in thickness too, depending on the material. Go light in checked linen, or opt for the warmth of a tweed getup. Whenever and wherever your wedding is, there's a checked suit waiting for the occasion. If you want to embrace this look, but think a whole suit is one check too far, then follow in the footsteps of our grooms suit ideas below and just opt for a checked waistcoat.

And if that's not enough images of dapper grooms for you then feel free to follow our Grooms Pinterest Board where you can find over 1000 grooms suit ideas. With the gents of a wedding day now giving everyone else a run for their money when it comes to style, you'll be sure to find something to suit yourself or your other half. 

Naomi Liddell

Written by Naomi Liddell

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