Whether getting your nails done is a religious part of your beauty routine or not, your wedding day calls for gorgeous wedding nails, After all, you're going to be staring down at your new wedding ring for a while, taking pics and showing it off to everyone for the next few months, so having pretty nails is a necessity in our book. Your hands are going to be heavily photographed on your wedding day thanks to your dazzling bouquet and fancy new wedding ring. It's only right that you splash out on a set of gels, acrylics or even just a fancy polish that you love for a DIY manicure. Whatever floats your boat.

We've asked the experts at Paint Nails London for their insights into this year's wedding nail trends including what colour you should be getting, the most popular nail shapes and lengths, as well as bridal nail art. So, what wedding nails should you get? We’ve got the best wedding nail inspiration for 2024!

30 best wedding nail ideas and manicure inspiration for 2024 

"When choosing your wedding nails it's best to go for a manicure that's timeless but that matches the wedding and your aesthetic - whether that's the wedding colour theme, your dress or the setting."

Tinu Bello, Celebrity Nail Artist & Mylee Brand Ambassador

What colour nails should you wear to your wedding?

We're starting off with the big question. What colour should your wedding nails be? Traditionally, most brides opt for something neutral. This is because the typical bridal look is all about enhancing your natural beauty. Think light, clean and glowy makeup, a soft curl through the hair and then neutral tones in your nails with perhaps a subtle sparkle or a classic French tip. However, 2024 brides are beginning to use their wedding nails to showcase a bit of personality. Whilst they keep things traditional and classic with their dress, hair and makeup, their wedding nails are a chance to have some fun! We've seen hot pink, red, black and green nail colours on our brides. There really are no rules when it comes to wedding nails.

Neutral wedding nails

For the ultimate neutral wedding nails, ethereal pale pinks, creamy neutrals and subtle shimmering hues capture the essence of wedding celebrations. Neutral nails always look super chic and far from boring without stealing the attention away from your new wedding rings or the rest of your look. Minimalist nails and the 'Clean Girl' aesthetic are still so popular for weddings and will continue to be as we head into the 2024 wedding season. 

How many days before your wedding should you get your nails done?

We asked Dash, a Nail Expert at Paint Nails London exactly when you should get your wedding nails done. According to the experts, "Your nails should be done as close to the wedding as possible so they look well-groomed and fresh. Ideally, get them done one to two days before the wedding so that your polish doesn't chip, break or look outgrown. We recommend getting your wedding manicure and pedicure done the day before if possible." The closer to the wedding you get your nails done, the more likely they'll last right through to your honeymoon.

Pink & Red Wedding Nails

Probably the most frequently seen statement wedding nail colours we see are pinks and reds. Ranging from baby pink right through fuchsia and into the realms of deep, dark vampy red nails. We love them all. 

Colour Pop WEDDING Nails

Anything goes for your wedding nails. We've seen deep navy, ultraviolet purple and mermaid green. If it's 'your' colour or you just want those nails to pop then you have an entire spectrum to go wild with.  

trending nail art/designs for brides 2024/5

As we mentioned in our wedding trends for 2024, personalisation is a huge thing for weddings. It's all about those little touches. The same applies to your wedding nails and this is where you can really get creative with your wedding nail art. Consider having your and your partner's initials, your wedding date, and even a design of your wedding ring! Thanks to the reigning celeb nail queen, Hailey Beiber, chrome nails are very much still a popular choice for brides. If you're more into 3D nail art, consider pearls or gemstones (perhaps choosing your and your partner's birthstones could be another nice personal touch). The opportunities are truly endless! 

Wedding Nail Art

Pearls, stamps, patterns, crystals, colour combinations, anything goes. It's your wedding day, If you can't have sparkly nails then, when can you? So if you want to make your nails a feature in your wedding day beauty (remember all that bouquet and wedding ring showcasing you'll be doing) find yourself a great nail tech (or try it yourself) and go to town designing a look.  

"Similar to bridal nails, 'clean girl' nails and neutral/natural-looking nails are becoming popular. We're seeing a big transition to minimalist looks in the salon and a clean, natural nail look will continue to be popular in 2024 and beyond. We'll see variations of neutral milky shades, like sandy beiges and light pinks with different colour tips. Chrome nails are also among the most requested nail designs at the salon and this chrome nail trend isn't going anywhere."

Dash, Nail Expert at Paint Nails London

What is the most popular nail shape for brides?

Currently, the most popular wedding nail shape for brides is a natural squoval shape. Dash, a Nail Expert at Paint Nails London, says that, "Brides most commonly choose the classic French manicure and the squoval shape that looks effortless and elegant. Other popular shapes for bridal nails include almond, oval, rounded and square. Most brides tend to choose to go shorter than their engagement nails for their wedding day." However, just because these are the most popular, doesn't mean it's the right nail shape for you. Take a look at our infographic below to help you decide what nail shape would be the best for you. Don't forget to consider your engagement ring here. Perhaps you should use the shape of the stone in your engagement ring as a guide to your nail shape. E.g. a pear-shaped stone requires an almond nail shape. Again, you can be so creative in your choice here! 

Wedding nail ideas and inspiration with expert tips and insights into trending wedding nail designs 


Your wedding day beauty plans don't just stop at your wedding nails though, so we've got all things hair and beauty to help you feel like your best self for the big day. For hair, take a look at these 70+ Updos For Wedding Hair. For makeup, have you thought about doing your own? Here are our tips for doing your own makeup. Also don't forget to have a look at our Recommended Suppliers to find bridal hair and beauty suppliers in your area.

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