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So, with Earth Day 2024 upon us, it’s natural that we’re all thinking of more ways to make more eco-friendly choices to better support the planet. Let's face it, weddings can be pretty wasteful if we don't put some extra thought into them.

At Rock My Wedding, this Earth Day, let's make our weddings not only about love but also about showing some love to the planet. With a little extra thought and some eco-friendly choices, we can celebrate in style AND do our part for Mother Earth!

Here are some of the ways weddings can have a not-so-great impact on the environment, and more importantly, the areas you can pledge to make a difference to during your wedding planning this season, in aid of Earth Day 2024:

  • Single-use items: Think plastic cutlery, plates, cups, and decorations - all used for a hot minute during the wedding festivities and then tossed, adding to landfill waste or ending up in our beautiful natural spaces.
  • Food waste: Ever been to a wedding with a massive buffet? While your first thought often means lots of yummy food is on the horizon, you can also expect lots of leftovers that sadly end up binned.
  • Floral arrangements: What is a wedding without beautiful flowers? We know. Flowers are gorgeous, but their production can involve not-so-eco-friendly practices like pesticides and fertilisers. Plus, once the party's over, those blooms usually end up in the compost.
  • Transportation: Getting to and from wedding venues can mean a lot of cars on the road, which means lots of carbon emissions. And if you're heading to a destination wedding? Well, that means even more mileage and even more emissions.
  • Energy consumption: Wedding venues need a ton of energy for lighting, heating or cooling, and all those fun extras like sound systems and decorative lighting. It adds up!
  • Fashion waste: Wedding attire, from dresses to suits to accessories, can take a toll on the environment with all the resources needed to make them. And let's be real, most of it only gets worn once!

What are we suggesting here? We’re by no means saying that you should revoke your wedding invitations and call off your union altogether - I mean, why would we? Instead, it’s important to realise all the ways you can plan a low-waste wedding, instead. 

This Earth Day, the only thing on our mind is Indiebride London’s latest release - The Prairie Song Collection. Indiebride London is a luxury bohemian bridal fashion brand, focusing on creating quality and timeless wedding dresses for laid-back brides that are all about amplifying their personal, ethereal look on their wedding day. Beyond style, Indiebride London is all about sustainability. You’ll find a gorgeous collection of bohemian and romantic wedding dresses ethically handmade in London, crafted using only green materials. 

So, fear not, lovebirds! There are plenty of ways to plan a wedding which is kinder to the planet. 

Modern bohemian wedding dresses that are kind to the planet 


Indiebride London is renowned for creating exquisite and romantic bohemian wedding dresses in the most sustainable and ethical manner imaginable. Each gown is meticulously handmade, featuring the finest British lace that has become synonymous with the brand's signature style.

While Indiebride's collections consistently pay homage to their roots of beautiful lace, The Prairie Song Collection seamlessly blends the old with the new. This collection introduces fresh and innovative materials that elevate its distinctiveness. Alongside the same highest-quality British laces cherished since the brand's origin, The Prairie Song Collection also incorporates eucalyptus as a central material, adding a unique and eco-conscious touch to their designs.

But, what is eucalyptus exactly? And what does this look like for wedding dresses? 

While eucalyptus is often used in lyocell fabrics, the organic eucalyptus fabrics used by Indiebride are not lyocell and are instead made in India from local eucalyptus trees. This natural wonder offers breathability and featherlight comfort, perfect for summer celebrations - especially when paired with the organic bamboo lining. Better yet, Indiebride London wedding dresses are not only biodegradable; they feel amazing, too! 

Ready for a peek at the collection? Us too! 

The 9 best sustainable wedding dresses 2024 

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The Rock My Wedding Editors have compiled our favourite designs from the collection for all the eco-friendly, boho-esque brides in need of some inspiration. 


Cassidy Dress

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Why our editors love this pick: Cassidy’s statement bell sleeves steal the show, making them the undeniable focal point of your special day! These stunning lace sleeves not only exude elegance but also infuse your attire with a touch of personality, guaranteeing you'll feel exquisitely graceful in this one-of-a-kind gown.

Clementine Dress

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Why our editors love this pick: We adore a beautifully feminine frill, and the Clementine dress embodies girlish charm and elegance to perfection! With its delicate floral lace and captivating low back adorned with even more frills, this gown is simply irresistible.

Florence Dress 

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Why our editors love this pick: If Cassidy's enchanting bell sleeves captured your heart, prepare for another romantic stunner: Florence. Once again, we're swooning over those bell sleeves. And that's not all! With its softly fitted silhouette and the charming tie-waist that forms a beautiful bow at the back - Florence is a winner.

Frances Dress

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Why our editors love this pick: For a touch of structure without sacrificing ethereal charm, look no further than the Frances dress - and let's talk about that elegant square neckline! Frances sits perfectly between structured sophistication and bohemian allure, with flared sleeves, a mesmerising mermaid train, and a delicate open back for ultimate enchantment.

Frankie Dress 

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Why our editors love this pick: Looking for delicate elegance with a flattering touch? Look no further! We're all about the cinched-in waist and low-back combination. But what truly steals the show? It's the 100% silk sash, elegantly transforming into a beautiful bow at the back of this dress, perfectly accentuating that captivating low back.

Laramie Dress

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Why our editors love this pick: Let's dive into the enchanting details of the Laramie dress! Picture playful ruffles dancing around the hem, adding a whimsical touch to your look. And those cascading flutter sleeves? They're pure magic, perfect for lending a touch of elegance to your bridal ensemble.

Maybel Dress 

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Why our editors love this pick: Next is the breathtaking Maybel dress, designed for the modern bride who dares to dazzle! Our favourite feature is the showstopping thigh-high split, a bold statement that exudes confidence and allure. This daring detail adds a contemporary twist to traditional bridal wear, ensuring you make a memorable entrance on your special day.

Siena Dress

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Why our editors love this pick: The star of the Siena dress is the plunging lace-trimmed V-neckline, adding a touch of romance and allure to your bridal look. And as if that wasn't enough, turn around to reveal the mesmerising waterfall ruffles cascading down the back of the skirt. These exquisite details combine to create a gown that's both elegant and enchanting - perfect for the bride who wants to make a statement.

Sierra Dress 

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Why our editors love this pick: Lastly, we've got to talk about the Sierra dress with the celestial coordinating star-patterned lace detachable sleeves for movement and flair to your look. This dress is perfect for bagging the traditional ceremony look you're after alongside the dance-worthy reception look - all without needing to buy two dresses!

Make a difference this Earth Day 2024: Recycle My Wedding

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Shona Ezimogho-Moran

Written by Shona Ezimogho-Moran

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