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Christmas is the perfect opportunity to take a look at your business and figure a few things out. What's gone well? Where have you improved? Are there things that aren’t working? Is there something you’ve been meaning to change? Is there that one thing you’ve been putting off since the dawn of time? Well, now is the time to get to it! Here are a few ideas of things you can do over the coming weeks in between filling your face with Heroes and topping up the Baileys. 

1. Have a social audit

Social Media is so important and we've mentioned before how it can sometimes feel like a full-time job, especially if you're juggling all the other elements that come with being your own boss. That means that, sometimes, it can take a bit of a backseat in the priorities list. Why not take this time to look closely at what you’re doing. How are your posts performing? What is your audience interested in? What resonated with them and what are they engaging with? If your engagement has slipped, have a think about why it could be. Have you changed your times? Is consistency slipping? It’s easy to blame the algorithm for slips in engagement and sometimes, it is down to the algorithm but sometimes it's because we slip out of routines.

Ask yourself if you can change things up a little. Can you try something new? Utilising new and different hashtags, different posting times, and writing more engaging captions could ensure that you find your audience once again. You can use this time to look into trying new things too; have you been meaning to get more out of stories (find out more about how to use them here)? Are you missing highlights? Maybe you have a killer mulled wine recipe... share it with your audience on reels! When you take the time to really look at what you’re doing, delve into the analytics and really assess your performance, you may be surprised as to what you find and you can get excited about your 2021 presence on social media.


2. Get on top of your scheduling 

Getting your social posts scheduled in advance can make so much difference (especially over the Christmas and New Year period). Trust us, by the time you’re into that Mulled Wine (wahey!), the last thing you’ll be wanting to do is write an Instagram post. At Rock My Wedding, we use Later. It’s a fantastic app that allows you to schedule your posts in advance, so you really don’t have to worry about them. There are plenty of scheduling apps to choose from - take a look around and find something that works for you. Remember, consistency is key, finding times that work for you is a must, and with the luxury of Later (or any scheduling app), you can maintain that consistency and really easily try different days and times at the click of a button.


3. Reflect On Your Year

This year has been difficult (an understatement), and we really should be celebrating our successes! Share your year with your following, whether that be via your website, blog, or social media. Make people aware of what you have been up to; personal highlights, incredible weddings, obstacles you have overcome, how you’re moving into 2021 - there is a whole range of things you can showcase! It’s the perfect opportunity to show people what you can do. Not only that, it’s a great time to reflect on your business and how much you have achieved this year. Whether that was a lot or just keeping your head above water, you should be proud.





This year has not been easy, and we can guarantee you’ve accomplished so much more than what you even realise.

4. Give Your Website Some Lovin’ 

With so much time dedicated to social channels, sometimes websites can be left unattended. This is the perfect time to check in on your site and give it some TLC. Do you have new and current imagery you can use to update your pages? Is your 'About' page right? Is your tone of voice consistent and does it really sell your brand? Could you optimise the copy on your site to ensure it is SEO friendly? Maybe you could find some time to learn more about SEO practices and how you can help boost your google ranking.

5. put your feet up

Take some time for yourself over this Christmas period. This year has not been easy, and we can guarantee you’ve accomplished so much more than what you even realise. Be proud of everything you've accomplished this year. Put your feet up, eat all the Christmas dinner and drink all the mulled wine (responsibly). You've earned it. We're so looking forward to going into 2021 with you as Recommended Suppliers. It's going to be a good year.


Merry Christmas!

Rock My Wedding

Written by Rock My Wedding

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