I'm always very indecisive over whether to share engagement shoots on RMW or not, we understand that lots of people just aren't bothered about seeing another couples engagement shoot photography, but equally there are probably lots of people reading this who are wondering exactly what an engagement shoot involves and whether or not they need to have one. When these images from Darina Stoda popped into our submissions platform, we just knew we had to share them with you, because personally, I think they show you exactly why you should have an engagement shoot... Aside from a trial run of working with your photographer and getting used to being in front of the camera - they are gorgeous portraits of Abi and Toby, without the pressure of it being their wedding day. There aren't many chances in life to have professional photographs taken of just the two of you (unless that's what you like to spend your money on?!) and the pair look truly relaxed, happy and totally in love. I for one cannot wait to see their wedding photographs!

How We Met

Abi The Bride: I was travelling Australia when Toby and I met. My dad had always joked I wouldn't be coming home because I'd fall in love with an Aussie sheep farmer, and I proved him wrong on both accounts. Not only did I come back home, I brought with me a boy from Watford of all places. On the first night we met we walked to the top of Mount Coolum, and stayed there until we watched the sunrise. From then on we were basically inseparable, driving up the East Coast of Australia together, exploring the outback and camping in rainforests. When we came back home we would spend most of our time on the M25 visiting each other, until Toby moved to Suffolk with me.

The Ring

Whenever we would visit our local antiques shop I would always point out the dream ring and make a joke, not knowing Toby had already picked one out ready. After a hasty swap on his part he proposed the next day with a cup of tea on the sofa. So low key but perfect for us.

Our Wedding

We wanted the wedding to be super chilled and fun so we are doing the 'paperwork' as we call it at Cambridge Registry Office with the best man and the maid of honour the Thursday before, then having a blessing on Saturday in my grandparents' field in Hundon, where I have so many fond memories. This way we can tailor it exactly to how we want, and have all of our family and friends present.  We're going for a bit of a festival vibe with hay bales, a tipi marquee and live music to dance the night away!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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