Urška & Domen are just the masters of capturing beautiful golden hour portraits. I think that every time I see one of their beautiful weddings. Just dreamy - the light, the countryside, the couple so in love and happy. This creative pair did a true DIY job for their Slovenian castle wedding, using a simple palette of green, white and gold which looks so elegant and lovely. Alenka looks stunning in a tea length gown which really, really suits her and the feel of their wedding day perfectly. Look out for the amazing cake table too - the couple cut the cake right after the ceremony which I think is a fab idea - as often people are too full (or drunk) to enjoy it later in the evening. Enjoy this one lovelies!

Our Story

Alenka The Bride: We've been together from the beginning of high school and got engaged on our 10th anniversary. After graduating from college we started planning our special day. We couldn't wait to celebrate our relationship and love together with our friends and family. We started gathering ideas on Pinterest and immediately fell in love with organic and natural themed weddings. We also wanted to prepare decorations ourselves as much as possible so our wedding would be genuine and personal. In the year before our wedding we were lucky to attend four weddings and this way we saw exactly what kind of celebration we would like to have. I was also the maid of honour on two weddings a few months before, first to my best friend Maša, who then helped us with our wedding, and to my brother Klemen, who was then my best man.

The Venue

For our wedding ceremony we chose the church in my home town. Our wish was to find a venue near this place and we immediately thought of Brdo Castle near Kranj, a beautiful park under the Alps with the possibility to have the wedding dinner and party outdoors or in a glass covered hall. Because we got married in September we eventually decided to enjoy our reception indoors, because it was quite cold in the evenings. At the venue there was a coordinator Tina who really took time for us and helped us a lot. We really recommend you to find as much help as possible, make a list and write down who has to take care of what on your day. There are so many little details and if you think them through in advance, you will really be able to relax and enjoy your day.

The Photography

After booking our venue, whe started the search for our photographers. We quickly found Urška & Domen's web page and immediately fell in love with their style! Natural, romantic, simple. We were so happy to book them! We met a month before our wedding for an engagement session which was such a good experience for us. We learned how to relax in front of the camera. They also shared a lot of tips for our wedding day and we're so grateful for that. The best tip was to not worry if the the wedding day does not go exactly as planned, it's just important to stay relaxed and enjoy the time with your love, family and friends.

The Dress

I ordered my dress on ASOS Bridal. I wanted a shorter, tea length, dress so I could be as relaxed and free as possible. I got the dress by mail two weeks after ordering and it fitted perfectly!

The Decor

After booking the venue, band and photographers we started to prepare our DIY decorations. We prepared chalk board signs, flower cones, invitations, a photobooth album etc. This was the most fun part! I drew all the illustrations and designed the look of our invitations and Andrej's brother Rok printed them. The invitations were natural and simple. And for the lanterns - we bought them at Kik and Yisk. We also prepared little thank you packages for guests with tea herbs that we picked ourselves at my aunt's garden.

The Food

Andrej's best mans wife Helena makes the best homemade cakes and for part of their wedding gift we got a beautiful cake that perfectly fit in our wedding theme and also tasted delicious. We had several cakes, three naked ones and the main cake had three tiers and was white with greenery. We decided to have the cake right after the church ceremony and it was a great idea! We didn't have to prepare any other sweets and the guests really enjoyed it as opposed to eating cake after dinner when you are already full.

The Flowers

In our home town there is a florist who prepared my bouquet and table decorations for the venue. Among other things they used eucalyptus - it smelled as good as it looked. Thank you Cvetličarna Art!

A Big Thank You

We would also like to thank our best mans Aleš and Klemen and our parents who really helped us emotionally and financially. Thanks to my cousin Monika for decorating the church and my friends Urša for beautiful singing during our dance and Maša for helping organise the whole celebration. The band Popgaraž made the party so much fun and we danced a lot! Thanks guys! And a big thank you to Marta Zore, a Slovenian singer, who sang her song Le s teboj (Just with you) and Ave Maria at the wedding ceremony and really surprised all our guests. It was a great day and we are thankful to be surrounded with such wonderful people. To future brides and grooms: enjoy your day, relax, drink some champagne and dance till the morning!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bride: ASOS | Make Up: Maja Razboršek | Venue: The Brdo Castle

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