Jacqui and Benjamin originate from France and Australia, so decided to bring all their favourites together in the high mountains for a French Alps wedding amongst nature and all that peace and tranquillity. Breathtaking doesn't even come close to describing how beautiful it is. So make sure you take five so you can soak up the amazing atmosphere and wedding inspo.

What Made Our Day Unique

Having recently moved to France from Australia (Jacqui is Australian, Ben is French), it was truly magical to have a wedding amongst the beautiful mountains in the French Alps, with everyone we love. We were so grateful that even more than half of our guests had flown over from Australia. Coming from different nationalities, we have lived our relationship always apart from one side of the family. It was amazing to have both sides of family and friends all together, spending the entire weekend together in a remote location.

Jacqui & Benjamin

Alps Wedding

Well, this French Alps wedding certainly takes your breath away, doesn't it? Whisking your favourites up into the mountains and saying I do in the most picturesque way followed by an intimate reception in a log cabin. And although bride Jacqui had her doubts about her Mariées Passion wedding dress we think she looks an absolute knockout, as do the groomsmen in grey blazers and navy chinos. With the wedding party portraits being some of my absolute favourite pics, complementing the misty backdrop and greenery beautifully.


Don't let society trick you into thinking you NEED all this 'stuff'. You do what you want. You can break traditions. Choose what matters to you most and prioritise those things. Want a dad's speech in the middle of the ceremony rather than later that night? Go for it, we did. Prefer to spend money on hiring a better photographer instead of getting a band or DJ? Go for it, we did. Bachelor/Bachelorette parties aren't your thing or it's too complicated with people across geographies? Don't have one, we didn't. Small changes will happen. Minor things will not go according to plan. Just expect it and enjoy the experience rather than constantly stressing out tiny details that no one will remember in 2 years.

Jacqui & Benjamin
If these cool tones and fabulous wedding outfits have ticked all your boxes, be sure to see this outdoor coastal wedding to for more wedding inspiration and ideas.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Venue: Le Gite Du Passant, Le Reposoir | Wedding Dress: Mariées Passion | Bridal Boutique: Mariées de Haute Savoie | Bridesmaid Dress: Shona Joy | Grooms Jacket: Massimo Dutti | Grooms Trousers: Uniqlo | Bridal Shoes: Forever Soles | Cake: Liber'Tart Gluten Free Patisserie | Florist: Nathalie Fleurs

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