This gorgeous inspiration shoot is like something from a dream. A bohemian, ethereal dream where everything is bathed in golden light and it feels as if the rest of the world has come to halt. I'm in love with everything, the dresses, which somehow become more beautiful as they drag through the dew and gather foliage. The heady, opulent blooms. The magical outdoor table scape, complete with star shaped lantern and festoon lights. It's a fairy tale unfolding before your very eyes. And the best news is that incredible venue, Hayne, is available for wedding and event hire. Imagine a private party unfolding in the secret gardens, imagine how beautiful you could make this space look. Imagine the beautiful thatched farm house and crumbling walls and stairways as the back drop to your wedding photographs...


Hayne Farmhouse & its magical walled garden act as a backdrop for the shoot. The aim was to create an ethereal mood to the shots, one that reflected the primordial atmosphere of the place. Hayne has an ancient earthy soul. The shots capture the dreamlike mood that permeates the place. Just as the sun begins to set and the early evening light is at its rose gold best, our bride and bridesmaid are walking the grounds. The gardens at Hayne haven’t been completely wrestled back from nature, but have instead been given a guiding hand. This approach is reflected in the ethereal and naturalistic styling of the bride and bridesmaid. 

The Inspiration

Efforts were made not to overcomplicate the story with too many elements. It needed to remain true to Hayne’s spirit of organic beauty. The shoot was blessed by an amber kiss from the golden hour. Madonna and child in diaphanous dresses are given a heavenly dreamlike glow, the house and flowers are married in rose.
‘The far fields melt my heart...the trees are full of wings...otherworldliness’
Sylvia Plath who lived locally to Hayne, captures the spirit of the countryside in the surrounding area.

About Hayne

Hayne Devon, is a magical farmstead, set amongst the groves of ancient oak woodland, nestling in the foothills of Devon. The house stands majestic, entrancing. As if it grew out of the ground itself. The walls are made of the red Devon mud from the fields that surround it. It has been said that there has been a dwelling on the site since the 9th century. The site faces out towards a breath-taking valley which steps gently down to a bend in the river Yeo. South facing, it gets the first and last of the sun, and has a natural spring which is said to have never run dry. The creative duo behind the magic of Hayne are its owners and hosts, Tim and Milla, lead artists in the celebrated party band Saloon Star. Heralded as the ‘Best band in the business’ by House & Garden, and recently listed as ‘Best Wedding Party Band’ in Harpers Bazaar. From palaces to pubs, Saloon Star have been setting parties on fire with their infectious music. It was this invaluable ‘gained experience’ that led the couple to move their young family out of London to create their own dream party venue.   When they bought Hayne, it was on its way to being a crumbling ruin, where nature had finally won the battle for control. Milla tries to explain the tingling feeling she got when first visiting Hayne, ‘It was very emotional, like the excitement of returning home after a long time away or bumping into an old friend you have not seen for years.’ For the past five years Tim & Milla, with the help of local master craftsmen, have painstakingly renovated the cob, lime & oak buildings. A journey on an epic scale led them to turn the grade 2* listed farmstead into a fully functioning party and events venue. Passionate about beautiful characterful buildings and landscape, warm spacious interiors, great lighting, sound and luxurious accommodation, with Tim's unswerving vision and Milla's eye for styling & interiors, a very unique and inspirational place has come into being.

Flowers from the Walled Garden

Laura Hingston studied History of Art at the Uffizi in Florence and the Peggy Guggenheim in Venice before settling back in Devon where she began her career creating her unique style of fine art floristry. For this shoot it was of the utmost importance that every element was intrinsically linked to the heritage of Hayne. Milla invited Laura to arrive armed with only her floristry kit and gave her complete freedom to to the gardens to forage for whatever caught her well trained eye. Bouquets and headdresses were created from wild flowers, grasses, sweet scented roses, honeysuckle, irises, orange blossom, ferns and smoke-bush foliage.

The Dresses

Family friend, Molly Mishi May provided the delicate rose lace bridal gown. Molly designs and makes all her couture clothing bespoke, tailoring to the clients requirements, shape and personal style. Minna Hepburn provided three dresses for the shoot. The two beautiful white bridal dresses and angelic lace bridesmaid dress with billowy sleeves were chosen for their simple vintage style and luxurious fabrics. Milla was also attracted to the sustainable, organic ethos which is at Minna’s heart...her collection is noted to be ‘vintage inspired eco luxe’...all the things which are synonymous with Hayne. Wild & Gorgeous provided the rosey - hued, vintage inspired bridesmaid dresses in silk and silk chiffon, these wonderful natural fabrics perfectly complimented skin tone and the pinkish tint of Hayne farmhouse.

The Contributors

The shoot was very much a collaborative affair bringing together family and friends. It was produced and styled by Milla, Creative Director at Hayne, and it starred Tim and Milla’s daughter Martha as the bridesmaid. The beautiful bride, Sibylla Phipps, is an old family friend to whom Tim has taught music since she was six years old. Gigi Hetherington assisted by helping with dress changes and lighting. Laura Hingston’s husband Matt acted heroically as her assistant, working to an incredibly tight time frame, he literally ran back and forth from the garden. Maddie Austen, make up artist and hair, worked her magic by creating beautiful natural make up with hints of rose blush, a stained lip and golden shimmering eyes. Photographer and friend Katy Mcdonnell of captured the artistry on camera. Milla in partnership with Katy, directed the shoot, chasing the gilt evening light, ending just as night fell under a festoon lit rose arbour. And family friend, Josie Curran of Alpha Century did the Marketing and PR.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Venue: Hayne | Flowers: Laura Hingston | Dresses: Minna | Mishi May | Flower Girl: Wild & Gorgeous | Hair: Maddie Austin | Marketing & PR: Alpha Century
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