I do love an outdoor ceremony, even more so when it's decorated really beautifully, and Anita and Ionuc's charming set up brimming with colourful ribbons is truly gorgeous. The ribbons were like a motif to the day, they appeared in every aspect of the decor and brought such a lovely, uniform look to proceedings. I like to think of them as the new bunting ;) This is a wedding that was all about celebrating love and family, in a relaxed and joyful manner, and it's a total delight to share it with you this morning. Look out for the first look image too - it's so full of anticipation it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up, and brought tears of joy to my eyes. SUCH a gorgeous moment to capture.

The Couple

From the Photographers: Behind each wedding is a story and the funny thing is that each time we have a good one to tell. But this wedding is specially close to our hearts because they taught us that family is more that what you have, or what you do: family is the person you are when you are sharing your life with someone else. They touched us in ways that only real people can. The simple wedding that they had, in a greenhouse in Bern Switzerland, with homemade everything (food, ice-cream, sweets) and few people, represent their style at the core: for them, family is everything. Ionuc, a Romanian boy, was living in a care house before he met Anita, the Swiss girl. She came to volunteer at the care house he was living, fell in love and suddenly she and her family became his family.

The Wedding Day

It was a cold late summer morning and we were driving along fields of wheat and dark forests. It’s quiet in these parts of Switzerland. All things here are in precise order. In a few miles we were about to meet this couple that we’ve met a few months earlier, the couple that would soon inspire and change something in our life. They are Ionuc, who sees life as an opportunity to live for others and Anita, a Swiss girl that takes every excuse to learn new things and new languages. Their wedding was done in the most personal way possible, choosing as a venue this awesome place - a botanical garden, where they could enjoy the freedom of nature despite the rainy weather. But more powerful than the setting and the food, more personal than the games and the speech were their deeds, their attitude and their hearts. They knew that this day is so important that it will affect their entire life and their children's lives, and their children’s children. So every promise and every prayer was intentional and true. We are so happy to share this wonderful wedding with you, our favourite wedding blog.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bride: Romana G. Urmanczy Couture | Jewellery: Bijuteria Quartz | Ceremony Venue: Oeschberg | Reception Venue: Bioschwand | Ice Cream: Baumanns Farm Service | Groom: Salon Emma | Shoes & Belt: Torry | Stationery: Damaris Berger

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