Set the scene. Boy meets girl. They fall in love and become three. Followed by a heartfelt proposal and a stylish pink wedding in Tuscany to celebrate their love. And when I say stylish, I mean, hold on to your hats because this is unbelievably beautiful. The gorgeous blush tones in the florals and bridesmaids dresses are just a delight, not to mention bride Anna's exquisite Sartoria Cucciaioni bridal gown with high neck and illusion lace detail. And if that wasn't enough she slips into an epic gold glitter number for the evening too which is absolutely dazzling. Each image by Lucrezia Senserini will touch your heart and fill you with emotion, as well as inspire you for your own big day. Especially the succulent wedding favours. so Pinning fingers at the ready peeps, enjoy!

Our Story

Anna the Bride: We are Anna and Roberto, 28 and 27 years old, we come from città di castello, Arezzo, Tuscany, and we know each other from when we are tiny. 
The 2014 Halloween evening however, celebrating so with common friends our love story starts.
 In August of 2016 Sveva was born, our marvelous baby, from we have felt them the need to become a family to all the effects, so Roberto, the evening of the our second anniversary, in the most classical of the ways, he asked me to marry him.
Surprising romantic and sweet supper, under the cloche, the ring very attended with engraved the words " will you marry me?"


Our desire was to get married in concomitance of the first birthday of our daughter and the case wanted that the 26 August of last year, it fell really of Saturday.... Was the perfect beginning!!! 
Having the very clear ideas, both on the style and on the organization of the marriage, we have totally been autonomous. 
I work as photographer of wedding and during the years, I have had the pleasure to know so many suppliers. 
As it regards the choice of the location, we didn't want something of seen and seen again and when comes upon there by chance on Terzo di Danciano has been at first sight love.


The Catering Mencarelli Group is a guarantee, excellent food, availability and organization that we have not found in any other, unique preparations and endless sideboard, they have not only made our unforgettable marriage for us but for all the guests that still speak of it....


Our photographer Lucrezia Senserini, has immortalized the smiles and the greatest emotions of this unique day that we can relive this way other million of times thanks to her splendid job.


For the video have chosen Studio Righi, not the usual marriage video, a real video musical clip that all the guests have involved, has had a good time and the final result has made us go crazy everybody!!!!


The choice of the flowers was not able whether to revert on The Flowers of Nicoletta, care of the details, elegance and refinement and that pinch of folly that immediately convinced us from.


Instead our suits have been realized by the Tailoring Cucciaioni, the best for the realization of suits of tall custom tailoring, both the suits in fact, they have been drawn by zero for us. 
My dress had to be bucolic, simple and comfortable, but I didn't want to abdicate the elegance and refinement of the classical brides. 
I have immediately adored my dress since, from the first draft of the sketch, as also my mother and my inseparable witnesses that have always followed me in everything. The same thing has happened to Roberto.


The marriage has exactly been as we had imagined and dreamt by the first moment.
We have not followed particularly theme, we like the vintage, the flowers and the lights anywhere, the good food and the friends.
 We have realized alone our bombonieres (fat seedlings in the pots of our daughter), the shares and the weddings bag personalized with all the necessary for the day to make pleasant. 
We have had a good time, we have involved relatives and friends and we have been super satisfied.


Perfect day, tall sun the whole day. 
The ceremony has been the most exciting moment, we are gotten married in a marvelous church hidden in the colored Tuscan hills of orange there as in full autumn.
 The location to few footsteps from the church has welcomed us with a marvelous buet of appetizers and with the notes of Mark's guitar david that has accompanied then us for the whole evening. 
Let's have started the supper in the inside room of the villa, a splendid theater enriched of lights and gold and have finished with the cakes in garden, ours and that of Sveva that celebrated her first year of life!!
With the notes of can't help falling in love of Elvis, our first dance as bride and groom, has given the street to the dances all night long.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Film: Righi | Dress: Sartoria Cucciaioni | Venue: Terzo di Danciano | Catering: Mencarelli Group | Flowers: i fiori di Nicoletta

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