Two words. Anne-Lisa's skirt. OMG it's incredible! I love the swooshiness, I love the texture and I LOVE the floral embellishments. It's just such a statement - slightly unexpected after you see her classic lace top too. We always love an element of surprise! Oh and it's from designer Leila Hafzi, who creations are not only beautiful, but also ethical and eco-conscious. Anne-Lisa and Glenn's magical wedding is like a dream unfolding in a Norwegian forest, with a barn full of luxe decor (another gorgeous unexpected surprise) and lots of super glamorous guests. The couple's adorable kids played their part perfectly too - what a lovely family. Images come from Green Antlers Photography, who always seem to capture the moments of the day you don't even think about...but often those are the most special.

The Bride

Anne-Lisa the Bride: The wedding dress was a two piece wedding dress. The skirt was from the very popular Norwegian wedding dress designer Leila Hafzi, and the lace top was from a polish designer from Etsy by the name Tiffiary. I had bought a dress 6 month before, when we went on a trip to Denmark, but when I got home I realised this was not my dress. I wanted something a little bit unique and not so common, and it had to be me. The shoes were Christian Louboutin. I have always said if I am going to get married it is going to be in Louboutin heels. The something blue was from my bracelet with the evil eye. It had a small blues tone in it. The old was my fathers wedding ring, he can't wear it anymore so he wanted me to have it. The something borrowed was my mothers diamond necklace. The new was the dress. In my hair I had fresh flowers. In the evening, I changed into a silk lace top and a tutu skirt so I could move more easily while dancing.

The Groom

Suit from Oscar Jacobson. Belt and shoes from Tiger of Sweden. Shirt from VOLT Stavanger. Watch was a vintage Rolex that the groom got as a morning present from the bride.

The Venue & Decor

A barn in Sunde, Stavanger. The round tables we borrowed from somewhere else. 

We wanted a elegant wedding, with a rustic touch. We wanted the guests to see the barn outside and think it was going to be a barn wedding, and then when they came in it turned out to be much more elegant than what people thought. With the tall centre pieces and the white very clean look of the table and decor. Every nook and corner was highly thought out. It took 4 days to prepare the barn inside and out.

The Flowers

My sister Jasmine Dagan is a florist and did all the flowers for the venue and the wedding bouquets. She did a wonderful job and we couldn't have been more happy with it. We did everything ourselves, but we had help from Alstor hotel in Stavanger and a few of their staff. The hostess there was wonderful and helped a lot, we couldn't have done this with out her - thank you Mary Ann Neverdal.

The Wedding Party

The wedding party was our kids. My sister was my maid of honour. My husbands best man was his good friend for many years, Arvid Reppen. My son Mateo was our ring bearer and he didn't want to give the ring away, he wanted to put them on us himself. Vilje, our daughter was the flower girl. She was walking around to everyone, even strangers and telling she was going to be the flower girl long before the wedding. My sisters kids Liam and Lycke was also part of the wedding party. My father was supposed to walk me up the aisle but he became very ill right before and was in the hospital. He told me up to the day before that he was not going to make the wedding. I told him the whole while that that is okay and that I understood and I didn't want him to worry. The day before, he came and he made it to the church. He was too weak to walk me up, so I asked my mother to do it the same day, and she was so honoured to do it. My fathers was standing ready and the top/end of the aisle and I gave him a big hug before my mother gave me to Glenn.

The Ceremony

It was a lovely ceremony, not too long, and wonderful songs sung by a young girl called Leanda. The songs was: 'Glitter in the air' by Pink, 'Can't help falling in love' by Elvis Presley and 'Annie' by John Denver. I teared up with all the songs and had to look away. I walked up the aisle to 'I want to hold your hand,' and we walked out to 'All you need is love.'

The Entertainment

We had a live band and the singer was Roy Egeland. The bands name was Smooth Criminal Trio. We were so happy with them, we had a great party until after 4 o’clock in the morning.

The Food

We hired a chef, Espen Nilsen who we sat down with and made a menu together. On the big day he grilled whole entrecôte meat, chicken, salmon and cod, and a lot of other different food and side dishes. The food was wonderful!!! Dessert was panacota and chocolate mousse since I could decide, so we took both. On the tables the name placements was a homemade beer from Steven Caswell as a name tag and I ordered the etiquette on the bottle. The key was a bottle opener and this was a favour for the guest to take home.

The Photography

Green Antlers Photography. I can't tell you enough how glad I am that found these two guys. The first thing they had to do when they got off the plane was to come and help us push a car into the drive because the battery was dead, it was so funny, but they took it with a smile. They were so laid back, and I have gotten so many comments after how nice they were and they just blended so nicely with everyone. I have gotten multiple comments from a lot of people that said that our wedding pictures are the most beautiful and unique wedding pictures they have seen. I really hope to meet them again some day.

Special Details

The dancing slippers. They were sooo popular for the women especially. They loved it. Some wore them the next day because they forgot their regular shoes and they were so grateful! It was important for me/us that the wedding had all kind of small details that many don’t think about and that there was something for everyone. It was important for me to have a party for my friends and family, more so then the party being for us. I wanted people to feel comfortable and have a good time and felt like they were taken care of. I got a lot of comments that it was the best/fun wedding for many people, and many comments that it was all the details and consideration that made it so special and unique :)
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bride's Top: Etsy | Bride's Skirt: Leila Hafzi | Groom: Oscar Jacobson
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