Talk about a seriously fun festival wedding. The relaxed vibes of the humanist, woodland ceremony and marquee reception is so apparent from all the wonderful captures by Miss Gen photography you actually feel like you are there celebrating with this amazing couple and their friends and family. And what an entourage of favourite people they have. The wedding party snaps are seriously cool, mainly due to those epic red bridesmaid dresses and flowers crowns, not to mention the brides Reformation gown, and the grooms In Tweed suit. Add hanging foliage garlands and bauble decor, plus a delicious semi naked wedding cake, and you have the makings of an immense summer wedding to swoon over. Enjoy.

Our Story

Aquila the Bride: We met on the first day of university - 11 years ago. We remained good friends until getting together in 2014 and became engaged in 2016, one year before our wedding.

What was most important to you when planning your wedding?

Spread sheets spread sheets spread sheets - and communication!


Sam always wanted a salt and pepper donegal tweed suit so this was his opportunity to fulfil that dream. I wanted something I could feel comfortable in and look amazing in. Simple and sexy.


Sam’s mum grew and arranged all the flowers and the wedding was dressed by his talented cousin and designer Stella Cecil. We wanted it to be a family affair where everyone clubs in and helps. It wouldn't have been possible without our friends and family.


Our ceremony was in a wood under a huge scotts pine tree. The ceremony was lead by a close friend who had never done it before. It was perfect. We had my brother and sister in law sing a beautiful song and all our parents had their parts to play. Sam’s vows were written that morning.


We were recommended by a friend and her work really suited the kind of people we are and the kind of photographs we would want. Miss Gen was great, unobtrusive and professional. All of the photos are very special - there is one line up of all our closest friends in front of the house which is especially brilliant.

First Dance

We didn't have a first dance song, we were the first to start dancing to the band who were rocking!!


My father loves a game, he organised team ski, find our partner blindfolded with a duck call and then later in the evening our friend Jess had made two Piñatas, one for the kids and one adult - which provided a lot of amusement,


Colourful, Autumal feast!

Memorable Moments

It went too quickly to have a memorable moment - thank god we had a good photographer!

Words of Wisdom

I would have liked it to go on for about 3 days but actually in hindsight we should have had a slightly smaller wedding. My advice is edit the guest list!
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Dress: Reformation | Groom: In Tweed | Groom Accessories: Carrier Company | Venue: Wiveton Hall | Decor: Stella Ceci | Cake: Rose Brettingham | Catering: Benjamin Pert | Musicians: James Brooks | Band: The Flatville Aces

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