A fusion of gold, bright pink florals and a traditional country house made for a truly unique Asian wedding day. A celebration of two cultures becoming entwined through the wedding of Neha & Olli, with the Groom’s family home providing the perfect backdrop for the couple’s big day (or one of their big day’s anyway, there was actually two!). The detailing on both the Bride’s dress and Grooms suit is exquisite, the opulent gold beading and lace looks elegant against the vivid pink flowers. Merging an Asian wedding with a traditional country house garden venue created the most perfect combination for the families to unite, relax and enjoy the day.

What Made Your Our Day Unique

Our wedding represented a coming together of two worlds, two cultures, two families and two people. It was amazing to see this play out on the day, having the traditional Hindu wedding ceremony at the Groom's family home in the country provided a personal setting. We loved seeing our families and friends immerse themselves in all aspects of the day; the ceremony, the traditions, the food and most importantly the dancing (there was a lot of it!). Our wedding provided the foundation to our focus on the bringing together of our two families, which we hope will strongly continue in the future!

Neha & Olli

Asian Wedding

Neha & Olli have nailed combining an Asian wedding with a traditional country house venue….just look at the photos! Moving away from some of the formalities of a traditional Asian wedding, they created a relaxed ambience where family and friends could really get to know one another. Combining locally sourced suppliers from near the East Sussex country house, a few Asian wedding formalities and of course a mixture of music styles to help fill the dance floor, this fusion wedding really proved you can have the best of both worlds! And then there’s the detail in their wedding outfits and the gold against those bright pink flowers…need we say more?!

Inspiration & Styling

Our vibe was a beautiful simple Indian wedding in a traditional, English, country house garden. The idea was to bring together the colours and splendour of the Indian outfits with seasonal flowers in a rural setting. We wanted the wedding to represent us. Neither of us likes the limelight and we are both fairly relaxed (Olli more-so than me). We wanted to continue this "relaxed vibe" throughout the wedding and wanted our guests to feel the same. We limited the number of formalities that often comes with Indian weddings so that people could just bond naturally and enjoy the day without worrying when the next outfit change needed to be!

Neha & Olli

Wedding Suppliers

We were extremely keen to use local suppliers and spent a long time researching all the different options. We took the time to meet all our suppliers and ensure they understood what we were hoping to achieve. we ended up developing very good relationships with them all and ensured they were all introduced to each other prior to the day itself.

Neha & Olli
Neha & Olli used local suppliers that came together to create their vision for the day, Check out our handpicked supplier directory, The List, that allows you to search by location, helping you to support local businesses too!
Imogen Read

Written by Imogen Read

Featured suppliers

Marquee: Camelot Marquees | Photographer: Faye Green | Videographer: Yours Truly Wedding Films | Bridal Boutique: Mongas | Grooms Suit: Mongas | Fashion Accessories: Nargis | Shoes : Kurt Geiger | Food : Passage to India | Drink: Lea & Sandeman | Cake: Wicky Woo Woo Cakes | Florist: Tigers to Lilies | Stationery: Lilac & White | Gee Brothers | Entertainment : Kudos | Gift List: Prezola

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