I can hardly believe my eyes when I look around and see that Autumn is here. The rich tones, dappled light and cosy atmosphere it brings is second to none. Like the weather Bridesmaid dresses have swiftly turned from light, bright, airy materials and shades to more sumptuous fabrics and deeper hues perfectly mirroring this majestic time of year. From forest green, burgundy and all the jewel tones in between we hope to inspire you, and very much look forward to all the colour infused weddings we'll be receiving in the future.
Burgundy has long stood the test of time, taking many names along the way, marsala, merlot, wine and more, and its deep shade is the perfect way to inject a bit of warmth into weddings taking place during the cooler months. Whether you opt for a woodland wedding with organic florals and rustic decor or an elegant wedding with classic white blooms and elegant candles, your bridesmaids are sure to look stunning. Easy enough to mix and match styles and dresses, but sophisticated enough to ensure continuity. Also as it's closer to Christmas (yep I did just say the 'C' word) there's nothing stopping you from getting your sparkle on too, with embellished gowns and separates. I absolutely adore this Coast Saya Cold Shoulder top, and lets face it, once your best girls have worn it to the wedding, I bet they'll be dying to wear it to their works Christmas party too.
{Burgundy Bridesmaid Inspiration}
Burgundy Bridesmaid Inspiration
Burgundy Bridesmaid Fashion
Forest Green
It's no secret here at Rock My towers that Editor Fern is not a fan of green and apparently it's the most disliked colour in the world. Ok, I realise I'm not quite selling it to you yet, but surely these stats are not based on this delicious forest green shade? Perfectly echoing the leaves on the trees and the lush grass on a dewy morning it's hard not to fall for this Autumnal hue. Like foliage and greenery it seems you can match the dresses with any hued bloom and it will look heavenly! This also goes for accessories too which is great when searching for unique gifts for your bridesmaids and allowing them free rein over their footwear.
{Forest Green Bridesmaid Inspiration}
Forest Green Bridesmaid Inspiration
Forest Green Bridesmaid Fashion
Since the first day of Autumn last week, we've been embracing the season with all our might. Only yesterday the lovely Laura showcased our fabulous recommended The List suppliers in what I can only describe as mesmerising Autumn styling, so if you've fallen for these bridesmaid looks and want to continue the colour scheme in your wedding decor be sure to check out our Enchanting Autumn Wedding Styling post too. Trust me you won't regret it.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Header Images: Elisa Bricker
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