What makes this beautiful beach engagement shoot even more beautiful? The story behind it! When the pandemic hit, Seven Shoots Of Summer was born. An idea that stemmed from wanting to bring the Ibiza wedding industry together, and ensure couples remained inspired. The project grew, and over 65 companies have been involved throughout the series. We just think this is the perfect example of how people have come together during an incredibly difficult time. Not only that, these photos are truly stunning! How gorgeous are real couple Scott & Melo?! Beautiful. 

Beach engagement shoot in Ibiza on the Cala Vadella for real couple Scott & Melo 

When the pandemic hit, I decided I wouldn't sit around with an ‘Out Of Office’ email going out and my feet on the coffee table. So, I created Seven Shoots Of Summer.

Hidden Treasures Ibiza


In 2020, the wedding industry was brought to its knees. On a tiny island like Ibiza, we depend solely on tourism and trade from outside. Our couples simply could not get to the island, their plans and dreams of a beautiful Balearic wedding were put on hold. In some cases, completely cancelled. Hearing so many sad stories, trying to say afloat as a business and keeping the spirits of the couples high, was challenging, and at best, heart breaking.


The project grew and we eventually had over 65 companies involved throughout the series. Each company has gained work and publicity from this project, and the Ibiza wedding industry has been kept alive. Our couples have followed the series and taken inspiration from each shoot, advice from the blogs and have been moved by the images and incredible videos.

The pandemic continues to show us just how much people have come together. We may sound like a broken record, but… Love Wins.

In total we created 16 shoots… once we started, we just couldn't stop!

Hidden Treasures Ibiza

A beach engagement shoot really is the stuff of dreams. Take a look at this Durdle Door Bay engagement session, which also includes a very cute furry friend. Oh, and don’t miss this incredible Drag Race wedding inspiration in Ibiza, you won’t regret it.

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Planner & Stylist: Hidden Treasures Ibiza | Project: Seven Shoots Of Summer

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