This intimate elopement style wedding is just the sweetest thing. Beatrice & Gabriele are obviously crazy about each other, it just pours from Irene Fucci's gorgeous images. Getting ready with one another must have been so special and with these photographs they can remember those moments forever. The actual location for their ceremony is just beautiful too - a stunning lake with a wooden dock surrounded by Italian countryside. It's simple, but it's just perfect and seems to capture the very essence of Beatrice & Gabriele's relationship - which is exactly what your wedding day should do.

Our Wedding

Beatrice the Bride: Our special day was simply perfect. There was us, our love, our story, the colours we chose (inspired by the lake and the nature surrounding ourselves) and all the little details that make the difference. We decided to opt for a unique ceremony (at least here in Italy were we live)! Just the two of us on a dock in the middle of a lake. We knew this was our kind of wedding for the very beginning, we are creative people and we really wanted something different. I couldn't be more grateful to Danielle who perfectly planned and styled everything and to Irene that was able to tell our story in such a lovely, romantic way. Our wedding day started at home. We wanted to share everything, from the beginning to the end, so we got dressed in the same room. I loved my dress! When I shared a picture of that crop top to my granny she started grumble, but I knew it was the one. I first saw it online. Maura (the wedding dress designer) shared a video of her new collection and I immediately felt in love. So a month later I booked an appointment. I tried that dress and two more, but that one was the one. No doubts. An then Gabriele found his suit a couple of days later in the same atelier (Il Sogno Atelier). He was a dream in his green jacket. Smart and informal at the same time! And then we added a traditional detail: the car. It's an old Lancia Fulvia with the typical Italian, vintage vibes. It was like living in an old movie for a while. And we put something special to us in the trunk: some books, Gabriele's ukulele, some sketches (my groom is actually an illustrator), a couple of suitcases and some chunky blankets because it was so cold! But I must confess, I didn't feel cold at all on that dock: there was just us, our joy, the sunset light and a couple of swans. That was all we needed. And finally we came back home, just the two of us and enjoyed a lovely meal drinking Italian wine and finally tasting Dewis's from Passione: Cupcakes's Cake. We loved our cake: it had the lake hues, the water silver glare, and some colours inspired by my bouquet. Gabriele was holding my hand and I felt complete. My suggestions to every couple trying to organise their wedding is: just be yourself, be brave, be "rebel" and get exactly what you want and need. There's nothing that you must do and nothing you can't do. If you want a intimate wedding then go and get it. If you don't want to splurge on a chic, formal party then just pick a place that you love and found the dock of your dream. Because, when you have the man of your dream you have it all.

From The Photographer

Beatrice and Gabriele have a special place in my heart. When I first met them I knew they were my kind of couple. She is a jewellery design students with a passion for ballet. She is so delicate yet strong and determined. He is a freelance illustrator with a tiny studio in the countryside and he just started playing the ukulele. They first met during the university period. They used to study in a tiny place called "little garret" and Gabriele noticed her while she was working on a design project, trying to mix and match textures and colours and meticulously gluing some textiles on a surface. Doesn't this sound like the beginning of a movie scene? Now they live in this amazing apartment with white walls, a colourful kitchen and some amazing recycled objects. They actually got married in the morning downtown, then they decided to have" their own kind of wedding": romantic, unique, informal and intimate in Viverone (a place nearby Turin, Italy where they live). So they got dressed in their house, in the same room, had a break with Italian espresso and cookies, played ukulele, danced in the kitchen, had fun drawings and chit chatting all the time. They actually wanted a wedding cake (Gabriele just loves food!!), without the commitment of having a formal lunch as well. So Danielle, their lovely wedding planner, designed this cute table setting with some custom wooden words and this amazing aqua drip cake, so that they can enjoy a lovely dinner once come back home. Next they moved to a lake nearby (called Viverone Lake) with this rented Italian vintage car and read their wedding vows on a dock adorned with a simple vintage rug and some candles. It was foggy and cold, but then the clouds opened for a while and we all enjoyed the sunset and that amazing moment of love. It was terrific and I felt so lucky to be there with them.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Wedding Planner: Danielle Wedding Design | Hair & Make: Hair and Make Up by Anka | Barber: Marco Artesi | Bride's Robe: Mes Petites Dentelles | Bride & Groom Outfits: Il Sogno | Groom's Shoes: Wild Shoes | Cake: Passione Cupcakes | Wooden Words: Geraldine Lovely Crafts | Ceramics: Coccilab | Jewellery: Gioielli Torino | Transport: Auto Noleggio | Illustrations: Gabriele Pino Illustratore
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