Ok, when you hear the term ‘bridal shower’, you may automatically think “isn’t that American?” But the answer is, no! This tradition has made its way across the sea and into our lives, and honestly, we’re feelin’ it. There are a few differences between a bridal shower and the hen do we all know (and love - don’t worry, we’re not ridding you of penis straws just yet). So, sit back, relax, and let us take you on a journey through unchartered territories - you won’t regret it!

What exactly is a bridal shower?

Typically, it is a daytime event in celebration of the bride’s upcoming marriage! Back in the 16th Century, if your father refused to pay the dowry because he disapproved of the marriage (hun, who you marrying?) the town would get together and offer small gifts to help set up the marital home without the money. Now, it’s still about showering the bride with gifts, and less about the disapproval of dear old dad and his locked wallet. 

What happens at a bridal shower?

Really, it depends on your taste. You could play some games (a little Mr and Mrs), or organise some activities, such as painting! We would suggest including food and drink, simply because, is it really a party without snacks and a little gin to wash it down? Typically, the food is a little like an afternoon tea, including things such as; cupcakes, finger sandwiches, salads etc. think cute and dainty! Drinks may include cocktails, champagne, and juices. If you fancy going all out and being a little Bouji, catering may be the simplest option (and someone isn’t worrying about frosting 100 mini cupcakes - this isn’t the Bake Off tent). 

Who should be invited?

Well, this is the beauty of it! Your bridal shower really can be open to anyone and everyone. If you’re planning on still having a hen do, this could be your opportunity to expand the invite to those with children (who may not fancy partying till 3 am). We would suggest inviting your all-important bridal party (obviously), and then those who may not make it to other events you plan on having. If your maid-of-honour is planning, provide them with a guest list and allow them to take it from there!

Where should it be held?

In all honesty, you can plan a beautiful shower at home! If the weather is on your side, then something outdoors would be perfect. A balloon installation, pampas grass, a little bar complete with cocktails - we can just picture it now. If your bride has a colour scheme for the wedding, perhaps you can roll with that. Don’t overcomplicate things, it’s all about those chilled out vibes, plenty of love, and a whole lot of celebrating. 

Finally… what’s the deal with the gifts!?

As we mentioned at the beginning, a bridal shower really was all about the presents. As time has moved on, it’s more about the celebration of a marriage. If you’re looking to shower the bride in gifts (ain’t no one complaining about that), then perhaps provide a budget and a list to ensure nothing is replicated, and the spending doesn’t get out of hand! The lead up to a wedding can be costly (for literally everyone involved), and it’s really something to keep in mind. Regardless, we imagine your bride-to-be will just be excited to get the party started and begin those pre-wedding celebrations!

If you’re officially down the bridal shower rabbit hole, then stay with us. Head on over to our alternative hen party ideas, where you may find inspiration for your upcoming shower! 

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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