Asylum Chapel Ceremony, Polka Dot Halterneck Halfpenny London Wedding Dress & Leopard Print Bridal Trainers with Groom in Patterned Blazer by Story & Colour Pin Image

Bridal Trainers, Asylum Chapel Ceremony and Groom In Patterned Blazer

BUDGET £15-17.5K

An extremely creative Bride and Groom for this London wedding with leopard print bridal trainers and the groom in a patterned blazer. The ceremony took place at the Asylum Chapel, a beautifully unique venue, with the reception being held at The East Dulwich Tavern where the Bride and Groom littered the room with personal touches including hand-drawn animations of the guests done by the Groom himself! You could really see this couple’s personalities shine through. And as for the mismatched bridesmaids, so cool!


“The handmade touches were a must for us, as my husband Sam is an animator and I work in fashion, so we both knew the wedding needed a creative touch! He designed a Harry Potter inspired animated invite video, so we knew the favours had to have an animated element to them. He hand drew all 70 guests as a keepsake for them to take home-it took a while but was certainly worth it, the guests loved them and I’ve seen plenty on their mantelpieces at home! Also, my bridesmaids were possibly the most unique thing about the day-they all chose their own outfits which (luckily!) worked out as they all looked so spectacular, unique and totally complemented one another the colours were just so gorgeous together. I loved that their outfits completely showed their individual personalities too, my friend Lauras’ green suit was almost a bigger hit than Sams’.” – Emma & Sam

Bridal Trainers

The bride wore a Halfpenny London wedding dress with a halterneck and polka dot pattern detail and when lifted it revealed her leopard print bridal trainers. Flanked by her mismatched bridesmaids that were wearing a mixture of dresses and suits and her Groom looking super stylish in a patterned suit, have you seen a cooler wedding party?!


“We wanted the day to feel really relaxed and not over-styled & be very obviously OUR wedding. Touches like the Harry Potter guest book & quill, brightly coloured wildflowers and desserts and my leopard print converse, just added those little hints of fun and personality. For the flowers my family and I scoured charity shops all over the country to get each one looking different, everyone thought I was a bit mad when I said I wanted ten vases on each table, but once it came to life it looked like a magical garden on each table. The cheese and dessert grazing table was also a huge part of our day, my Mum designed and sourced a HUGE amount of amazing cheeses and scattered them across like 5 tables, it’s all anyone could talk about at the end of the night! They were taking huge lumps of it home with them.” – Emma & Sam


“I spent HOURS trawling through Rock My Wedding for cool London Venues and suppliers, it was really important for us to have a real authentic London feel and as soon as we found the EDT pub we knew it was the one, the decor was just so fun we knew we wouldn’t need to spend an extra penny on decorations, same for the Asylum Chapel, they just spoke for themselves.” – Emma

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Photography by Story + Colour
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