A gorgeous boho, industrial vibe for this Brooklyn elopement. This couple got married at an open art installation at a park overlooking the East River and the NYC skyline! They had their day the way they wanted it without compromising and had their closest family and friends present to witness. The bride looked amazing in her dress from BHLDN teamed with a pair of motorcycle boots and the groom kept it casual wearing white sneakers, perfect for this rock and roll couple and really embodies who they are. Every part of this day was truly personal including the epic cake dinosaur cake topper, yes that's right, dinosaur!! This city celebration is all captured beautifully by Anais Possamai.

What Made Out Day Unique

We were living apart for months (he was in Germany and I was in New York) waiting for his US Fiancé Visa to come through. As part of the process, you are never given any dates and have little control over the situation - we didn’t even have a wedding date until a month before the day. Since it was such a stressful process, it tested the strength of our relationship so when we finally were able to set a date, we knew we wanted to honour our journey and have the focus be on our love as a couple rather than the festivities. We ignored other people’s expectations, invited only our closest friends and family and prioritized our dream location “first look” on a Brooklyn rooftop that we felt represented us and the bold leap we had made across continents.

Kristy & Gregor

Brooklyn Elopement

The views at this Brooklyn elopement are breathtaking, this bride and groom asked their friends to set up the scene 30 minutes before they arrived. Nothing had been staged so when they walked into the ceremony location into the semi-circle of their loved ones it made it feel all the more special living in the moment. The scene was set perfectly with the epic Manhattan skyline backdrop and cloudy sunset.

Inspiration & Styling

We went for an industrial-boho vibe. We were inspired by seeing the rugged skyline rooftop and thought it would be the perfect contrast to our romantic and boho styles. We thought it would perfectly represent the harmony between the strength and softness in our relationship. Our advice is to make it about yourselves, ignore expectations and DEFINITELY carve out time for a “first look” as its the only time of the day that it's just the 2 of you. Also, wear comfy shoes! Kristy had a pair of stilettos she was planning to wear with her dress and since she was dreading wearing them, last-minute her photographer empowered her to wear the motorcycle boots she wears every day. It made her look so embodied in who she was and nothing is more beautiful than that authenticity.

Kristy & Gregor
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Olivia Smith

Written by Olivia Smith

Wedding Dress: BHLDN | Food : Ramona | Cake: Molly's Cupcake | Florist: Rosehip Social
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