We love a romantic elopement and this one is extra special because American Bride Carrilee discovered RMW while planning her wedding and found her photographer, Barney Walters, via our recommended supplier directory - The List. We love it when we hear from our international readers and it makes us feel very proud when they chose to come to Europe to get married. Barcelona is such a vibrant city and these images filled with brilliant sunshine, blue skies and a whole lot of love are making us yearn for a city break with our other halves.

Eloping to Barcelona

Lloyd the Groom: Our dream wedding started and ended with exactly that, Our Day. We wanted to melt into our own place and focus on each other. We talked about where we would go with no boundaries, much like our love for each other. We made a short list of places we’d never been. It was time to write our own story with no history or past experiences guiding us, rather each step and moment being a newly shared adventure. So many people talk about doing something like this and few do. We narrowed it down to Peru, Thailand and Spain.  Spain won for many reasons and we focused in on the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona. We didn’t want a specific venue, some things were an on site decision between us and no one else. We worked with Flay Muellenbach at Century Travel in Atlanta and she helped coordinate the travel and places while we zoned in on specifics.

The Photography

Our second biggest decision was the photographer. We wanted to have someone whose work we liked and it was an investment we knew had to be a priority.  Using Rock My Wedding, we found the work of a few people and really loved that of destination wedding photographer, Barney Walters. We emailed him and he agreed to fly to Spain! He was so fabulous and gave us more than 48 hours of his time documenting our experiences and wedding; and his work will last us our entire life to share with everyone, because no one was invited. The images speak for themselves! Barney is exceptional! 

The Ceremony

Our Celebrant, Gemma Sagué, referred to us by Pep the concierge at The W Hotel, was spectacular! She took great pride in connecting with us, being an ambassador of Barcelona and conducting a heartfelt ceremony. We chose the middle of a street and simply did a ceremony so spontaneous we even hired a street violinist on the walk to our ceremony. It all came together like something out of a fairy tale.

The Suppliers

So many people and places had an essential part in a successful day. Carrilee found a fabulous dress at Almond Tree in Phoenix, Arizona. It was very reasonable and they were unbelievably helpful. My tailor Dave Nichols of Nichols Custom Clothiers coordinated a custom suit and shirt that was impeccable.  Renee Larson of The Bow Tie Shoppe stitched two neckties I chose into a great custom bow and had it to me in less than a week. One other major investment was the perfect diamond for my perfect bride. I had the luxury of trusting someone I’ve known for decades. Mike Lippman of Leonard Alan Jewelers was spectacular. He listened well and flew in three stones based upon my specific requests. I trusted him implicitly and he helped me in every step.

The Day

Our wedding day was a non-traditional day of splendour. We woke up together, had breakfast and walked around Barcelona. We had lunch and Cava poolside and relaxed under an umbrella with an amazing lunch. We got ready together and helped each other to get ready for our day to become ‘one.’  We had an amazing ceremony and then we had dinner by ourselves and a night out and finally a night each others arms, perfectly content and beyond happy!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Venue: W Barcelona | Bride: Almond Tree | Rings: Leonard Alan | Bowtie: The Bow Tie Shoppe
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