This cenote wedding Tulum is quite literally a rave in the jungle. Yep, you heard us! Bride Nicole wanted to shun tradition and do what she loves most! Nicole & Roberto found an incredible cenote wedding venue in the middle of the Mayan jungle. Their wedding took place over 2 days, beginning with an intimate Jewish ceremony called the Tevilah. Usually performed in a bathtub filled with rainwater, Nicole decided to dive several times into the Cenote, followed by a ceremony in which she lit a candle for each important woman in her life. Once the ceremony was over, all the women joined her for breakfast surrounded by the nature of the jungle. This incredible wedding is captured beautifully by Recommended Supplier, AK Studio Wedding

Cenote wedding Tulum with rave 

We loved just being with our loved ones, having almost all our family and friends in the same place. Feeling all the love that was in the air that night!

Nicole & Roberto


Nicole & Roberto were the first to marry in this incredible venue. Vesica is the area formed by the intersection of two circles; The left circle represents the physical world in which we live, it is everything that we can experience through our senses and the right circle represents the spiritual and energetic world. In the Mayan culture, Vesica is a sacred area that represents the perfect balance between both worlds. 



Nicole & Roberto suggest being true to your style, as it truly doesn’t matter what everyone else thinks, it’s your wedding, and you can do whatever you want! Well, you know what we say, it’s Your Day Your Way. So, whether you’re looking for a jungle rave or a quintessentially classic wedding, we’ve got the inspiration and planning advice you need to help you along your journey. 


We’re loving this first-look moment!

We had Mayans at the entrance doing a copal cleanse for the guests, and then from the same company, we had fire dancers at dinner. When the party started a group of drummers played a set. Neon drums with water, Blue Men Group meets Daft Punk style! 

Nicole & Roberto

Could a cenote wedding Tulum be for you? From a Mayan wedding ceremony to a beautiful beach wedding, we’ve got all the inspiration you need! And if your entertainment is an important factor like Nicole & Roberto, don't miss our Podcast all about it. You may also want to check out our must-have wedding photos for a little extra inspiration.  

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

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Venue: Vesica Tulum | Videographer: Victor Green | Entertainment: Am•Art•performance | Florist: Silvestra | Catering: Icaza Creativos Catering | Drink: Vineira | Makeup Artist: Salvador Gonzalez | Bridal Gown: Eisen Stein | Bridal Boutique: Mark Ingram Atelier | Planner & Stylist: Gaston Lombardi

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