When it comes to wedding entertainment your choices are endless. It can be a huge deal for some couples who can spend up to 30%+ of their budget on it whereas other couples feel like good old fashioned conversation is the best form of wedding entertainment. As we always say, Your Day Your Way! We’re here for whatever makes you the happiest.

Wedding Entertainment

In this episode of the podcast, Charlotte and Becky talk about their own wedding entertainment; which was completely different. They look at the most popular types of entertainment and how to successfully choose your suppliers. 

Find out the top floor fillers and what to expect from your wedding band too. And if in doubt – reach for the Billy Ray Cyrus. He makes an appearance in the episode a couple of times because you know, Billy Ray.

Make sure you check out the weddings below for some fabulous wedding entertainment inspiration and don’t forget to find more on our dedicated Pinterest board

On a side note – entertainment for kids coming in a separate episode.


Episode 18

Wedding Entertainment

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