Charlie Brear Payton Bridal Gown & Piora Feather Skirt with Deep Red, Grasses & Pheasant Feather Floral Installation at Iscoyd Park, shot by Harry Michael Pin Image

Charlie Brear Payton Bridal Gown & Piora Feather Skirt with Deep Red, Grasses & Pheasant Feather Floral Installation at Iscoyd Park

When an esteemed photographer describes a wedding as “epic”, you know you’re in for a treat. And by golly, does Sarah & Lee’s big day deliver. For a start, we are at Iscoyd Park, one of our favourite venues and member of our handpicked directory The List. For seconds, there’s an incredible pampas grass and pheasant feather hanging installation. And then there’s the florals; the foliage; the neon signs; the Boston terrier! But really, it’s all about the dress, Charlie Brear’s Payton gown and feather Piora skirt creating serious aisle style credentials. Swooning eyes at the ready.



“The best way to describe our styling is ‘done but undone’. We wanted it to look like it had all been thrown together when, in reality, it took forever! Inspiration came from everything we love individually and as a couple: interior design, typography, neon, minimalism, puns, taxidermy, Game of Thrones. The vibe was informal and relaxed; somewhere between industrial and rustic. Iscoyd Park is a beautiful venue, so we focused on decorating the marquee and let the rest of the house speak for itself. Neon signs, flowers, foliage, festoon lights, giant tassel balloons and a huge hanging centrepiece with grasses and pheasant feathers all worked with our beautiful but understated theme. Working in the food industry, the table settings were also a high priority, and we chose some fabulous gold/brass cutlery, brass rimmed glassware and textured glass charger plates finished off with velum menus and name cards from RMW recommended Pear Paper Co.” – Sarah & Lee

Charlie Brear Payton Bridal Gown

Bridal fashion is universally beautiful, and we are so lucky to be allowed to gawp at the many – and varied – gowns our gorgeous brides go for. Sarah knew she wanted something by a British designer that fit her vision of simple and unconventional with tons of texture. And oh my, doesn’t her Charlie Brear Payton dress fit the bill perfectly? Teamed with a gold leather belt and the sensational feather Piora skirt (both also by Charlie Brear), she is a dreamboat of a modern bride. That back! That waistline! Bridal beauty at its finest.



“My experience in hospitality and events has taught me that the best suppliers know what they are doing (and have done it a million times), so find someone that understands your style/ brief and then have confidence in them to deliver. The less restrictions you put on them, the more creative they can be and the better the result. Trust your husband, too! Even though I proved myself to be an utter control freak during the planning process I would definitely recommend trying to let go and allowing your husband dress himself, so that you both have the same experience of seeing each other as you walk down the aisle. After all, you are marrying him so he must have good taste, right?!” – Sarah & Lee

One of the questions we are often asked by brides-to-be is if they have to do certain things. Or, in other words, is it okay if they don’t do something. And the answer – unless it’s anything to do with the legalities of your ceremony – is yes, absolutely yes. Remember, it’s your day, your way, and you don’t have to include ‘expected’ wedding traditions if you don’t want to. Sarah & Lee decided to do away with traditions that didn’t suit them as a couple such as the cake cutting and readings, and also included a speech from the bride. Wondering what to include, and what to nix, from your own wedding day? Our post, ‘Wedding Traditions {And Why It’s Okay to Ignore Them}‘, is recommended reading.

Photography by Harry Michael Photography
Author: Victoria Honan
Editorial Assistant Victoria fell in love with the world of weddings after planning her own (in only 6 months!) in 2018. She thinks being a bride – and a wife – are the best titles going (although is still getting used to her new name).

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