This beautiful Christian wedding is here to give you the serotonin boost you need. Isabella & Joseph settled upon a big beautiful garden belonging to Joseph’s family in Sussex. The marquee was surrounded by beautifully bright florals, and bridesmaids dresses were all purchased via Depop (we love a second hand deal!) We also love the story behind their cake! Designed by Isabella’s friend Sam, the profit was then donated to charity. Oh, and this thrifty bride planned the entire thing with a budget of £7K! Trust us, if you’re ready for a little DIY action, your wedding doesn’t need to cost the earth! 

Christian wedding in family garden with DIY details

I am a Christian and wanted the wedding to have a full focus on God joining us both in marriage. My song entrance was “Colours” by Bethel music which made everyone cry! The song brought real intimacy and made my groom burst into tears.

Isabella & Joseph


We hired a beautiful white marquee and had the sides up to display the beautiful flowers and vibrant colours. With the wedding being at the end of the summer, there was such a golden and warm feel to the day, not to mention a magical sunset. I decided to have a garden wedding because of the beautiful rose garden that reminded me of where I got engaged! I wanted my guests to be surrounded by nature and enjoy the beauty of an English summer wedding outside!


The ceremony was probably my highlight of the whole day! It was very emotional and had all the guests crying! Our pastor from our church married us; he really knew us which is probably why it felt so comfortable being at the front. Saying our vows was a big moment, declaring that we will love each other for the rest of our days is not something we took on lightly. It was full of love and intimacy and our backdrop was just flower heaven.

How gorgeous is Isabella’s dress? She had the original straps replaced by her mom who loves to sew!

As I planned most of my wedding I definitely experienced the pressure of trying to make sure everything was perfect. Whilst this was helpful with the planning I had to make a conscious effort to not be the planner or organiser on the day and just let go of all the work I had done. My advice is to do the same, try as best as you can to let go and just soak in every moment. Catch your groom often and say to each other, this is our wedding day! The day goes by so fast - enjoy it!

Isabella & Joseph

This beautiful Christian wedding is proof you can do it all on a budget! Take a look at this English country garden wedding, complete with marquee set within the family home. Or how about this DIY wedding reception? Including a very cute companion… remember, if you’re attempting to curb your spending, or just wanting to be a little more eco-friendly, head on over to Recycle My Wedding!

Ella Turner

Written by Ella Turner

Videographer: Caleb Butler | Catering: Angel Catering | Wedding Cake: Sam White | Bridal Gown: Wed2b | Bridesmaids Dresses: Depop | Marquee: Manor Hire Marquee

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