Ciara and Braham's engagement shoot video by Gione De Silva is simply beautiful. Having moments like this caught on film is simply priceless. The one thing we always recommend that couples invest in is good photography and a video if the budget allows. Imagine Ciara & Braham watching this back when they have been married for 60 years :) After all, getting married isn't about the decor and flowers, however much we love them. It's about the two of you - declaring your lives to each other forever.
Gione the Film Maker: When Ciara contacted me some time last year to enquire about her wedding in Dublin, Ireland, I was really excited. One of my passions in life is certainly travelling and getting to know new cultures. I also love people and connecting with others is really the main reason why I am in this business. I felt I connected with Ciara and Braham straight away! They were really fun and really easy to work with. I started to plan for my trip to Dublin and decided to have a couple of spare days to explore the place. I knew I wanted to make the most out of this experience as I am always busy and hardly have time to explore the places I travel to! Ciara and Braham and I decided to do a couple shoot in the beautiful surroundings of the area. When doing destination weddings, I think it’s a great idea, when possible, to spend some time with the couple and get to know the place well. This will put the couple at ease with you on the wedding day and you can actually explore some creative options that we don’t often have the time for during the wedding due to the busy schedule etc. Dublin is an amazing city! There were so many options for locations for the shoot but we eventually ended up picking somewhere that meant something for the couple. We went to Killiney Hill Park as it was the place where Braham had asked Ciara to be his girlfriend 5 years ago. They often visit Killiney Hill and so have a strong connection with the place. What a great choice! Killiney Hill is absolutely stunning. We decided to get there for sundown, as the light would really give us the wow factor I was hoping for. I can only say, I was one happy guy! This was also my first project doing both photography and video. It was great having the freedom to creatively direct them, and more than anything, seeing how their love for each other was evident. Their wedding at Killruddery House in Dublin was an absolute beautiful celebration.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

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