Oh my goodness, if the intimate portraits at this city elopement aren't enough to make you tear up then just wait until you hear what the groom did for his bride! Due to circumstances, this couple decided to elope to Bristol city centre with 2 witnesses and their beloved pet pooch. The couple kept things simple and enjoyed a pie from their favourite restaurant and strolls through the town. But best of all, the groom surprised his new wife with their original wedding singer so they could enjoy their favourite tunes and their first dance in St Nicholas Market - amazing! Bride, Rachel, even went viral with a TikTok she shared of their special day!

Romantic City Elopement for Couple with Pet Dog as Guest

We had to cancel our original wedding due to Corona! So we “eloped” to Bristol city centre with our dog and 2 witnesses!! Jake organised for our wedding singer to surprise me so we could have our first dance in St nicks market in the street

Rachel & Jake

Elopement, “just us” kinda vibe I don’t really know! It wasn’t what we planned but it worked out perfectly! Just go with your gut, we know we disappointed a lot of people by deciding to have nobody there but it was our logic that if we couldn’t have everyone we wanted, then we didn’t want anybody! We’ll have a celebration once Covid has gone away!

Rachel & Jake

A City Elopement Wasn't What This Couple Originally Planned - But It Worked Out Perfectly!

I made my own dress for the day!! I have an actual wedding dress but felt I wanted to save it for the celebration! In hindsight it would have looked lovely but I’m so proud I made a dress for the wedding!!

Rachel & Jake

It may not have been what they had initially planned for their wedding, but it was just as special, just as beautiful and most importantly still filled with so much love that you can feel through the intimate portraits captured by recommended supplier, Esme Whiteside Photography. If you are feeling inspired by these portraits and need more wedding photo ideas, then we have a whole round-up of photo ideas you need for your big day!

Imogen Read

Written by Imogen Read

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