Bride Claudia's gorgeous frou frou Monique L'Huillier bridal skirt and lace Kilenz top is giving me all the feels this morning, not to mention her big bloomsey perfect white peony bouquet. Then there are all the incredible family portraits by Linda Nari Photography that are guaranteed to make you feel all fuzzy inside, with the stunning Italian countryside providing a breathtaking backdrop for all the love. If you're looking for intimate, pretty and warmth, this is the wedding for you.

Our Story

Claudia the Bride: Guilherme and I first met on the summer party of a club in Munich in 2011. We were both standing at the bar next to each other ordering drinks, and I several times had to stare at him as his profile looked so much like a German actor, just a lot cooler, so I was not sure if he was that actor or a very handsome lookalike. Once we got our drinks he left without even a little smile. A few minutes later he appeared again by my side, still with his drink in hands and said „prost“ (which means „cheers“ in German, and is not exactly the first word you ever dreamed of to hear from your future husband). It turned out that he was not an actor but an engineer from Brazil, who moved to Munich one year before. That also made a good excuse for the „prost“, and so it all started…


I was 8 months pregnant with our first baby boy when we moved into our new home. We had spent tons of nerves, time and money to totally rebuild our flat, and we often questioned ourselves if one day it will be ready and reality. At the end of our moving day we hugged each other with a big feeling of relief. In this very unusual yet very romantic moment, in the midst of chaos and boxes, Gui asked me to marry him.


We wanted to get married in Italy since Gui has Italian roots, I don´t trust the German weather, and we both love Italian food and wine and – Italy! We had to postpone our first wedding date set one year earlier, because I became pregnant with our second baby with due date 10 days before the planned wedding date. So the expectations and anxiousness was even higher for our wedding celebration, and Pinterest became my best friend for ideas and inspirations.


In our dreams we pictured all our guests from Brazil, Germany and other countries seated on one long table in the cozy atmosphere of simple string lights above, eating the most delicious pasta and drinking lots of wine. Rossana from the knot in Italy showed us a lot of breathtaking venues, but at Castello il Palagio we knew right away this was the right location. After our romantic ceremony at the church our guests were guided the short way to the Castello by an amazing folk trio playing classic Italian hits, and making friends and family sing along. We had prepared hats as gifts for the gentlemen, and it made the crowd look really Italiano! Arriving at Castello il Palagio everyone was blown away by the atmosphere of the old castle and the long dinner table set up in front of an ancient wall, from where we could even enjoy the sunset.


Underneath a group of trees that was charmingly lit by different hanging lanterns and candle holders which I found over the months of preparation, the waiters prepared in front of the guests the most delicious wedding cake we´ve ever tasted. At this romantic place we as well kicked of the party with our waltz that was also the motto for our wedding celebration: „that´s Amore“ by Dean Martin. It was really the wedding we dreamed of since a long time! Reading together the funny, touching and beautiful comments in our Mad Libs guest book that we texted and binded ourselves will be an everlasting memory of that.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Bridal Skirt: Monique L'Huillier | Bridal Top: Kilenz | Bridal Shoes: Miu Miu | Grooms Suit: Baldessarini | Grooms Shirt: Hugo Boss | Grooms Shoes: Magnanni | Wedding Planner: The Knot in Italy Weddings Couturiers Rossana Sapori | Flower Designs: Roberto Fiori | Music: Florence Art Ensemble string duo and folk trio | Car: Christian for Slowhills | Catering & Cake: Delizia Ricevimenti | Lights: Wedding Music and Lights | Venue: Castello Il Palagio

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