Boy oh boy are you in for a treat this morning. In the pretty Alsatian countryside of France lies the ancient ruins of castle Morimont where our gorgeous couple say I do. A truly picturesque setting for an outdoor ceremony full of emotion, not to mention a magnificent stone barn for the reception. No corner was left untouched as the couple along with their stylist Féelicité filled the courtyard and barn with delicious decor. There are vintage step ladders, macramés wall hangings not forgetting window pane wedding signs, plus so much more. Believe me your pinning fingers are going to be busy, so sit back relax and enjoy every last moment and detail the lovely Photography by Chloé has captured.

Our Story

Coline the Bride: Felix and I met in summer 2013 at a music festival in Corsica via mutual friends. I was looking for a place to stay, and I finally landed in the "House of Germans". What was to be just a holiday story finally turned into a long-distance Marseille-Munich relationship for 2 ½ years, until I got pregnant. From then, everything went fast, including the unexpected marriage proposal in my apartment that Felix had covered with roses for the occasion!

The Theme

After a civil wedding in Germany with a small committee, it seemed important to us to seal our union in front of family and friends. We quickly decided for a secular ceremony, in France this time. With the distance and the tight schedule, the help of a wedding planner / designer was essential. But I had a very precise idea of what I wanted (old stone, chic country-side wedding, mismatched dishes, eucalyptus, craspedia, feathers, candlelight, etc) and I know that I'm very picky with my choices and desires ... The meet-up with Melanie immediately convinced me: pro, attentive, flexible and strong proposals, we were quickly on the same wavelength both.

The Venue

Melanie adviced us to visit the “domaine du Morimont” and it was so far the best place we have visited. I could easily project ourselves celebrating our wedding, the precise place of our exchange of greetings, the procession of guests in the forest... The bonus: the rental is from Friday to Sunday, which offered us a full weekend with our Franco-German guests and allowed us to have time with them ... We worked like crazy with Melanie, to exchange, to consult each other, we wrote daily emails of 3 kilometers long, we used a lot of Pinterest boards, ... An intense period but so exhilarating!


Luckily, Chloé was able to make herself available to immortalize our union. Her work really spoke to me; there was no doubt that she would be able to capture and restore the very soul of our marriage. The result exceeded our expectations!

The Wedding Day

Friends and family also got their hands dirty, upstream and during the day. We wanted our wedding to be represented by our talented friends : my dressmaker friend Julie Jacquette designed my dress, my friend Lotfi, DJ lyonnais, took care of the music, our friend pianist Emily played Cat power, Chilly Gonzales, Judy Garland ..., during the ceremony. All the guests, without exception, have been spectators during the wedding: we will never thank them enough The weekend of the wedding went perfectly. It was a wonderful time, the guests came from France, Germany, the United States, Canada and elsewhere, they were beautiful and relaxed, children ran in all directions, the emotion was palpable, the magic of the place operated. We had a real modern fairy tale.

Special Moments

The entrance to the ruins of the castle with my father in tears, and seeing all those kind and happy faces turned towards you. Discovering the sincere speaches of our guests. Taking the time to sit down for a moment during the reception and realising that the guests are all happy. Being carried away by the evening, the surprises, the words and the gestures of love of our family and friends.


Enjoy and let it go. Rely and trust your wedding planner. The day goes by at a crazy pace; I would give everything to be able to live it a second time and nothing will escape me this time! Sit down during the day for a moment, contemplate, enjoy, appreciate each of these peaceful and magical moment; they will be part of your best memories.
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Dress Designer: Jacquette | Hair Stylist: Eric Hua | Makeup Artist: Emeline Vogel | Venue: Le Morimont | Florist: Lettre à Elise | Decor/Styling & Stationery: Féelicité | DJ: Lofti

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