Isn't the light here just dreamy? And Irene Yap has captured it perfectly, although shooting a gorgeous couple like Connie and Joe definitely makes things easier ;) There's nothing more romantic than a sunset stroll with your beloved and London makes the most elegant of backdrops when bathed in golden light. Stylish Bride Connie is actually the founder of jewellery company Astrid & Miyu, whose pieces we absolutely love (we're currently running a competition to win jewellery from them here) so we were very excited when we received these images. We're looking forward to sharing their wedding with you - it's beautiful! And we're really excited to share more from Irene Yap with you too, she's got such great style and works with some fabulous couples.

Irene the Photographer: When Connie, the girl behind Astrid & Miyu got in touch a few months ago about her wedding I was over the moon. I love working with creative and talented people as they always bring fresh ideas to the table. On the evening of their engagement shoot Connie rocked up in a gorgeous maxi dress and Joe in a stylish smart casual suit. We had timed the shoot during the sunset to catch some beautiful golden light; I had such an awesome time wandering around the streets of Primrose Hill with these two. I love doing these engagement shoots as I get to know my couple better before the big day and it really helps them relax a lot more in front of my lens. I get to learn about their character, their relationship and the way they interact; it helps me create photos that really reflect them as a couple. I absolutely loved how much Connie and Joe made each other laugh! They were just the cutest and required so little directing. Their wedding took place on the 2nd of July and was definitely one to remember - I really look forward to sharing the wedding with you guys!
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Jewellery: Astrid & Miyu
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