This morning it's all about a quiet, intimate elopement to the bustling city of Barcelona. Sounds like a complete juxtaposition, and it is, but somehow Claudia Rose Carter has managed to make it look like Courtney and Jon are the only people in the whole city. In amongst the big weddings, the DIY frenzy weddings and the chic, elegant weddings, sometimes it's lovely to share one like this. Of course they are all celebrations of love, but for some people, choosing to do it quietly suits them better.

The Bride

Courtney the Bride: I fell in love when I saw the Alice Temperley dress at the flagship store. Unfortunately, the dress didn't come in white, but after a discussion: I had the dress bespoke made for me. The original theme of our wedding was going to be around space, which you can see in the Anya Hindmarch clutch I had and the silver crescent moon we acquired in Placa de Catalunya! The sleeves, with their crystal embroidery looked like stars. The light silk and chiffon was perfect for the spring weather in Barcelona! I didn't wear any other jewellery or a veil as the dress made enough statement and the only thing I wanted to show off was my engagement and wedding band from Tiffany's. I had Jimmy Choos on for most of the photos, but what is hidden is my trusty huerache sandals from Mexico when the heels got to be too much!!

The Groom

Jon wore Hackett London and was bespoke made. His tie, however, came from a little boutique in Budapest. Jon, funnily, proposed to me twice: once in London with Tower Bridge behind us and then in Budapest with Lanchid all lit up. I lived there before we took the gamble of us and to have him take me back was lovely. We found the tie and pocket square tucked in a store on Andrassy Ut and was the final piece. His shoes are Burberry, a present from my parents. 

The Venue

Barcelona is a real special city for us. Before we were ever a couple, back when were teenagers, we'd say we'd meet in Barcelona. It was no surprise our first holiday as a couple was to Barcelona, during which he also met my parents! When it came to where to do our wedding photography, there was no other choice. We did pictures between Parc Guell, La Pedrera and wandering the streets from Placa de Catalunya.

The Entertainment & Food

We didn't require any: it was him, me, our photographer, Claudia Rose Carter, and her two boys (husband and son). The wedding photography were entirely about us. That night, though, we went to Tast-Ller, whom knew we had come in from the wedding photography. The food was amazing and they put us in our own separate room where we drank wine until the early hours with Claudia.

The Photographer

I chose Claudia BEFORE we'd actually got engaged. I loved her photography that much. Claudia tells a story with her weddings. You feel like you are part of them, no matter how many people are in the shot. When I saw her work I fell in love. She truly has a skill at capturing life and all the love inside it. I never entertained another photographer. Sometimes you just know. I love the little details: the streetlamps at dusk, the shot of Barcelona's skyline through a window. She shot the city we love, the man I love and even if I cannot keep my eyes open in the sun, she made sure I felt beautiful. Claudia was more than a photographer; she was a friend, an accomplice and a partner in the wedding. 


Originally we were going to have a big wedding. The whole thing! THE BIG SHEBANG in London, but I couldn't. I had an absolute break down when I realised guest lists and venues and flowers, the endless list of what I wanted versus what other people wanted. Trying to sort everything turned into more work than it was worth and when our chosen venue in London didn't work out, Jon and I looked at each other and almost said at the same time "Barcelona." I had always dreamed about this big wedding with tonnes of guest, but here's the thing: that wedding, the groom was interchangeable. This wedding was us. It tells the story of Jon and I: two people who are in love, who see each other across every crowded room, for whom the rest of the world doesn't exist. In a busy capital city, Claudia's shoot still made us feel alone.

Thank Yous

A huge shoutout, as well, to all the people at La Pedrera and Parc Guell who kindly let us take photographs without photobombing, to the people who clapped, applauded, the lady who cried and the Asian man who took heaps of photos on his phone and told me to look for them on Instagram (I never found them, unfortunately, but if he is reading this: send them to me, please). 
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bride: Temperley | Groom: Hackett London | Brides Shoes: Jimmy Choo | Dinner: Tast Ller

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