Wednesday afternoons are always saved for fabulous destination weddings, and the RMW team get very excited when that destination happens to be Spain. The Spanish seriously know how to dress and how to party. I mean, just look at this gorgeous Christmas affair! It's not remotely cliched, it's oh so cool. If my Christmas looks like this, I'll be very happy... And imagine being able to drink cocktails in the sunshine at Christmas time! Images come from the lovely Jimena at Volvoreta. Enjoy, and yes, it's almost the end of September now, so the C-word is most definitely allowed ;) Oh and make sure you read the details of Cuca and Pino's honeymoon - it sounds epic, a trip of a lifetime.

The Ceremony

Cuca The Bride: December 19, 2015, Church San Fermin de los Navarros, Madrid. The decoration for the ceremony was done by A-Tipica and Yarrow Flowers. I walked in to Favola in Musica. My little sister was our ring bearer. The most emotional moment of the ceremony for Cuca: When I entered the church and saw Pino down the hall and when the musicians played the Salve Regina and my father reminded me of my grandfather.' For Pino: When Cuca entered the church.

The Celebration

La Quinta del Jarama, Madrid. We had cocktails outdoors thanks to 20 degrees and scorching sun in December! The food and dancing was inside. The catering was provided by La Quinta del Jarama. We had an open Piano Bar during our cocktail reception, with songs of the 50s while serving cocktails. Phenomenal singing and encouraged lots of drinking!

The Fashion

My dress was by Jorge Vazquez. Hair and make up was done by Carmen Losa. Something Blue: my league, handmade by my great friend Andrea wearing a blue bow. We ignored the Something Borrowed and Something Old ;) Pino wore a suit by made by a tailor in San Fernando (Cádiz).

The Decor

The girls at A-Tipica were amazing. I just gave them some ideas of what I wanted and knew would suit the time of year. I wanted a Christmas wedding and with a more urban decor (was tired of weddings with rustic-country decor). From there, they presented me with proposals and ideas, each more beautiful!

The Photography

We chose our photographer based on her style, especially the naturalness and care of her photos. And the final decision was made the day we met Jimena, who we could not have got on better with! Felipe Garrido Archanco made our video. We love his work as it's more modern and less cloying than some other wedding videos. His post-production work is amazing, very careful and considered.

Special Details

For the entrance of the bride in the church I chose a song by The Beatles (I'm a super fan) that I adapted for string quartet and chorus: "Here Comes The Sun". Also we included in the ceremony several carols (Silent Night, Adeste Fideles, etc.) in line with the time of year it was. I decided to throw my bouquet during the party when the DJ played "Are You Gonna Be My Girl" by Jet. The impromptu speech father of the bride from the stage of the DJ at the party was awesome. The best of the party: our friends and family loved DJ-Violin so much that by the end of the night they couldn't dance anymore!!!


A word of advice: no matter what happens during the wedding enjoy every second more than the previous, is a day just to be happy. Stop and think a minute, see all the people you love reunited and happy. Try to be with them even if during the cocktail, dancing...

The Honeymoon

- Oman: We stayed in Muscat and in the desert. It's an amazing country! - Dubai: days spent Christmas Eve and Christmas and then we went to the desert to rest in a spectacular hotel! - Bangkok: We stayed four days, including New Year's Eve night. Bangkok is "the place" to be on New Year's Eve... - Cambodia: only did the temples of Angkor. A wonder there see once in life. - Vietnam: Ha-Noi, Hoi An, Saigon. - Hong Kong: We were 4-5 days in HK, where one of my best friends lives, whom we had not been to see since she moved there! - Maldives: totaaal relaxation! Spectacular. Instead of a gift list. we asked for contributions to our trip and new house.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Styling: A Tipica | Venue: La Quinta de Jarama | Bride: Jorge Vazquez |

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