Some places are just out of this world beautiful, aren't they? Today we've totally fallen for the charms of church ruins, Agios Sozomenos. It makes a beautiful Cyprus wedding venue and location for your nuptials and reception. Beautifully portrayed by Luciana Wedding Creations and Event Planning with immense tablescape full of feature florals and wonderful aisle style with Persian rugs, wooden crates and lanterns.


Rock gothic themed wedding, where style meets wild.


"The spirit of a wedding is like the wind, it shifts and alters its course depending on its environment and it is influenced by those things in its path. The spirit of a wedding is dependent on those people and places involved and for this Cyprus wedding, the spirit was unmistakable. Set at the abandoned church of Agios Sozomenos this was a rock gothic themed wedding where style meets wild." - Antonis Prodromou

Cyprus Wedding Venue

Did you know nearly 1000 people search on-line for a Cyprus wedding venue every month! We're lucky enough to feature many destination weddings on RMW including Cyprus, and we're espeically happy when we discover hidden gems like the abandoned church of Agios Sozomenos. Get ready for your hearts to race as you fall for its charms too.


"Luciana Wedding Creations and Event Planning created a setting of opulence and individuality with purple and pink flowers like crushed velvet, cut crystal glassware, and natural trailing bouquets. An incredible location for a wild wedding, this boho wedding shoot had the history of a stunning location and the spirit of a rebel. The flowing wedding gown by Gala Montenapoleone was multi-layered with crochet, sequins, and lace, and when our bride donned a leather biker jacket and cool trilby hat, this wedding in Cyprus took on a whole new character. With the ancient stone of the old church as our backdrop, the rock of this ruin met the spirit of rock in a bride, and our stunning bride wandered amongst white gothic lanterns and a sumptuous Persian rug. This wedding shoot proved a wedding in Cyprus can take on any personality. A Cyprus wedding can be subtle and exquisite and can run with the rebel heart of rock. " - Antonis Prodromou

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Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Flower Styling and Decoration: Luciana Wedding Creations And Event Planning | Furniture: Party City | Tableware: Party City | Wedding Gifts: Hermann Gourmet Cosmetics Be Mine Collection | Wedding Dress: Gala Montenapoleone | Hairstyle: Hair Spray Cyprus Michael Eliades | Makeup: Makeup By NIcolina | Wedding Crowns: Gala MontenPoleone | Persian Carpet: Madaen Gallery | Earrings: Gala Montenapoleone | Location: Agios Sozomenos

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