Oh my goodness the flowers in this morning's wedding are simply beautiful. They create such a whimsical feel to the marquee and are perfectly complimented by it's fern print pattern. LPM Bohemia really do have a fabulous selection of good looking tents. I especially love the shots of it at dusk, as that's when the party starts to come alive ;) Although in truth all of the shots from this wedding are pretty lovely - Matilda Delves has captured so much emotion. From Daisy's calm smile as she gets ready, to Matt's tears of joy as he sees her walking down the aisle, to the happy grins as everyone parties the night away - it's a pleasure to look through these images!
Daisy and Matt's stylish and laid back marquee wedding took place at Daisy's family home, surrounded by family and friends. The ceremony was held in the same church her parents were married in, and Daisy wore an vintage veil that her mother wore, and her mother before her! A wild flower meadow had been sown months before in preparation, making it the perfect backdrop. It was an epic party that lasted well into the night with the groom joining his friends and old band members in playing a few tunes.
Fern Godfrey

Written by Fern Godfrey

Bride: House of Vintage | Tiara : Etsy | Groom: Mullen & Mullen | Marquee: LPM Bohemia | Bouquet: Augustus Bloom | Flowers: Anna's Country Flowers | Flower Girls: Wild & Gorgeous | Bridesmaids Skirts: Liberty | Entertainment: Wayward Jane | The Keynote Speakers | Film: Spatz Film

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