Would you just look at this gorgeous pair. They may not have been keen to begin with to have an engagement shoot, but the fabulous Carrie Lavers Photography won them over with her artistic style and ability to put them at ease. The results are absolutely amazing and the love radiates from the page, just like all the gorgeous golden hour portraits captured.

Our Story

Dan & Michael the Grooms: We met in London 6 years ago when we were both living and working there. Dan was working as a Food Technologist for Jamie Oliver and Michael as a Dancer. We went for coffee which turned in to drinks which turned in to dinner - which turned in to our little life we’ve made together. We live in Portsmouth now and Dan proposed whilst we were on holiday in San Francisco back in 2016.

The Wedding

We’re getting married in May at Warborne Farm, an organic working farm in the New Forest. As soon as we saw it we knew it was the one for us - it ticked all of our boxes and made some new boxes and ticked them itself. Initially we had planned a small wedding - this has somehow grown in to a 3 day event with nearly 200 guests… go big or go home I guess?


People ask us what our theme is? we’re not sure we have one - we're somewhere in the middle of festival/rustic/outdoor. We just knew we didn’t want it super formal! As long as there’s music, food, family, friends and booze - it should be an amazing day.


We want our wedding to be really personal and reflect us as a couple and as Warborne is a blank canvas we’re doing as much as we can. From making the decor, to Dan using his background in food to design and source our menu, to having our friend take the service on Saturday! This all seemed really exciting to begin with but as the date is approaching is becoming slightly more daunting. Our to do list seems to be growing quicker than it’s getting completed. It might be time to call in some favours from friends and family!


As soon as we saw Carrie's website we knew that she had to photograph our wedding (especially that she was a fan of Pretty Little Liars - Michael’s ultimate guilty pleasure), and when we saw our engagement pictures we knew we’d made the right choice! An engagement shoot wasn’t top of our list of priorities and I was slightly worried it would be a bit cringe but within minutes of shooting we were completely at ease and it was like she was an old friend!
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

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