Eleanor and Seb's beautiful blessing ceremony was a real family affair! After originally planning a large multinational ceremony of 100+ people, Covid-19 threw a massive spanner in the works. They managed to have a legal ceremony, however Seb's parents weren't able to attend as they live in Sweden. So, with a small window of opportunity and a change in circumstances (Eleanor & Seb were also moving there), they decided to hold a tiny destination wedding in Sweden with both of their parents. A relative of Seb's kindly offered up their coastal summer house in Smögen, so the couple could hold an intimate seafood feast with music and dancing. It looks so warm and cosy against the autumnal weather outside!

A tiny blessing ceremony with just family for a micro destination wedding in Sweden.

A huge shout out to our parents. Eleanor's dad for leading the ceremony, Seb's dad for preparing the lobster dinner, Eleanor's mum for baking a delicious cake last minute. Seb's mum for arranging the venue last minute!

Eleanor & Seb


Romantic, intimate, cosy and laid-back. After striking gold with our florist last minute we added a ton of candles to the mix and let the views do most of the talking. As we only arranged the venue two weeks before the ceremony so we kept it as natural as possible. I have always loved the Dutch painting of natural flowers and fruit and wanted to keep it simple. So with warm pinks, corals and with candle light we striped it right back and used what was around us. Our ultimate inspiration was the beautiful Swedish coast.


We are so so glad we prioritised our money for Miss Gen Photography, it was the best investment by far as the photos and videos from the day are what last. Genevieve's easy going and gentle manner put us completely at ease and after spending such a perfect day with her we are so thankful that we chose to share our day with such a wonderful photographer, who has given us the best gift of our photos.


I (Eleanor) found Miss Gen Photography on Instagram in my early days of wedding planning research, and absolutely fell in love with the way she captures unique moments. I found Heart Aflutter through Instagram as well, they definitely have an incredible collection of dresses with amazing staff. My veil was another great last minute Instagram find. Our florist was by chance, we had three days to find a florist in another part of the country so our local florist put us in touch and they completely blew us away with the result!

All that mattered to Eleanor & Seb was being able to celebrate with both their parents for their destination wedding in Sweden.

Planning a wedding can be so much fun but remember to prioritise your marriage above all. We took a marriage prep course during our engagement and was the best £30 we spent!

Eleanor & Seb

That's the beauty of micro-weddings if you choose to have one, spending more time with your nearest and dearest! This destination wedding in Sweden is just one of the amazing mini-celebrations we've covered during the pandemic. If you're looking for more breathtaking rural locations, check out this New Zealand elopement at Mount Cook. Or how about this chic Brighton micro-wedding put together in 48 hours? You never fail to show us that love always wins!

Georgia Gallant

Written by Georgia Gallant

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Photographer: Miss Gen Photography | Florist: Solliden Handelsträdgård | Dress: Sarah Seven | Bridal Boutique: Heart Aflutter Bridal | Microdot Veil: AM Faulkner | Earrings: Skyes Purple Cloud | Cardigan & Shoes: Zara | Vow Books: Bride Disrupted

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