Talk about a ceremony with a view! Sirjana and Ben's intimate New Zealand elopement genuinely brought a tear to our eyes. Stripped back and simple, you can really tell that these two are head over heels for each other. Absolutely everything was DIY, Sirjana designed her own dress and her mum stitched it together on short notice; the couple wrote their vows as love letters to each other, and gave each other heartfelt personal gifts. We're not crying, you're crying!

Both wedding photographers themselves, Sirjana and Ben took the adventure of a lifetime with their favourite photographer, Pablo Laguia, and his wife. Pablo beautifully captures their fits of laughter echoing around the whole valley! The couple decided to have a New Zealand elopement after they were officially married as their vendors weren't the dream team they had hoped for. They wanted to have a special ceremony just for themselves to make up for it. They celebrated with a Punjabi feet washing ritual before saying their vows, dipping their feet in the stunning lakes of Mount Cook. Brace yourself, the photos are incredible.

A heartfelt New Zealand elopement with their favourite photographer along for the ride.

After we said our vows we stood for a minute, just looking at nature and allowing her to humble our hearts. On our anniversary Ben gifted me a locket he made out of a rock he picked from that exact spot.

Sirjana & Ben


This ceremony was as much a celebration of our love as it was an ode to our past selves who took risks. We took pains to understand each other's culture and overcame fear to allow our hearts to build the life we are so proud to be living now.


A few beautiful moments from our day included realising that morning it was finally the day! We were running like kids towards the top of a hill that Pablo suggested for taking some photos after we said our vows, without a care in the world. Then we spent the evening talking about love and marriage with Pablo and Ana at dinner.


You will spend so so so much time with your photographer. Choose an artist who is not only great at what he/she/they do, but are sincere in their approach and take time to understand your love story. Your day is a celebration of your love - dip it into your personalties, make it as unique as your love story and prepare to smile all day long.

A New Zealand elopement was the perfect place to have the ceremony they always wanted.

Secretly, late at night, I painted a portrait of us to gift to Ben after our vows. He typed out his vows on my favourite typewriter, which means it would have taken him days to get it done as it is quite loud & we are generally together 24/7. We appreciate sneaky love missions!

Sirjana & Ben

I think a New Zealand elopement might just be at the top of my wishlist now. Picking an area of outstanding natural beauty for your elopement is perfect for a no-fuss, stripped back and minimal ceremony. Mother nature is your stylist! And as Sirjana says, having a photographer who understands your vision and love story will make it even more special. Have a look through our Recommended Suppliers to find your perfect photographer.

Georgia Gallant

Written by Georgia Gallant

Photographer: Pablo Laguia

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