The best thing about this dreamy DIY garden wedding just has to be the fact bride and dressmaker Kathleen made her own wedding gown. Or perhaps the fact she made all four satin bridesmaid dresses? Maybe it's the fact her and Adam (an events planner by the way...) made 140 placements, the light up bar sign, the greenery... yes. The list is actually too long! We're also feeling pretty captivated by the florals from Recommended florist Daisy Ellen. Her beautiful pampas grass installations and moongate created a romantic backdrop as Kathleen and Adam exchanged the vows they wrote themselves. And if you thought that was magical, we can't even begin to explain the breathtaking interior of their reception marquee... So we'll leave the photos to do the talking.

Summer DIY garden wedding in Bedfordshire with floral moongate and homemade wedding dress.

Kathleen's brother officiated the DIY garden wedding ceremony and married us together in the most meaningful monologue in the garden that we both grew up in. There were so many personal moments throughout the ceremony. A white butterfly even landed between us as we said our vows, which we decided to write ourselves. Adam cried his eyes out when Kathleen walked down the aisle. It was such a unique and wonderful ceremony.

Kathleen & Adam


The vibe was a gorgeous DIY garden wedding, with family & meaningful details being the key. Kathleen's brother officiated the ceremony, and her family in Ireland came to stay for five days beforehand to help create everything. Adam's Step Dad brewed the home made 'celebration Ale' for months ahead of time and built a sweet cart for the day. Everything was personal and unique! The styling was inspired by rust and caramel tones & Kathleen's mum planted flowers in her garden nine months ahead of time to match the style. Talk about preparation... 


Kathleen's wedding dress for this DIY garden wedding was made from Italian Lace and the bridesmaids from 100% Silk from Beckford Silks. Kathleen is a dressmaker and always knew she wanted to make her own dress. As a plus size bride she also knew it was important to feel comfortable on the day. She was able to create a dress that suited her figure perfectly and made her feel great. She wanted the bridesmaids to all have individual styles and colours so they felt great on the day too! We're feeling pretty floored at the talent on show here, and wondering how to get our hands on one of those silky gowns...


They decided to make almost everything themselves. Kathleen is a dressmaker and Adam is an events planner so they felt they could take on the challenge! Kathleen made her wedding dress, along with the four satin bridesmaid dresses. They made 140 placements - a bridesmaid and MoB ended up helping with these as well! They made the hanging wreath above the bar, the light up rustic bar sign, the flowers & greenery ceiling in the marquee, 140 napkins, stationery, succulent favours, invitations, signage etc. Adam's sister (who was his best woman) also made the cake! Talented family or what!?

Having DIY decor is a great way to make your wedding look and feel uniquely you.

Definitely do not sweat the small stuff. The small details do add up to create a beautiful looking day, but it really is all about the people you have there with you. The ceremony shouldn't be forgotten - it is the reason you are there after all!

Kathleen & Adam

This DIY garden wedding featured homemade dresses, homemade decor and well, pretty much homemade everything! We are convinced at this stage there is nothing Kathleen and Adam can't do. If a DIY wedding is on the cards, we've got a podcast full of DIY ideas you'll love. Or a whole range of wonderful DIY weddings which are sure to have something that will catch your eye!

Helena Milsom

Written by Helena Milsom

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Photographer: Gina Fernandes Photography | Band: Kelly''s Heroes Irish Band | DJ: Ear Candy DJ | Jazz Singer: Riketté Genesis | Jazz Pianist: Liam Stevens | Ceremony Florist: Daisy Ellen | Food: Blame Frank | Hair Stylist: Charlene White | Groom's Suit: Moss Bros. | Groomsmen Suits: Marks & Spencer | Shoes: ASOS | Event Coordinator : Hannah Snowshill | Decor & Hire: The White Emporium

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