Have a dollop of elegance this Friday afternoon with this stunningly chic shoot at Eaves Hall Clitheroe. Wanting to reflect the new look and feel of the venue, this shoot simply oozes class and timeless grace. This was helped by the minimalist decor, two incredible dresses, and a fine art vibe. Recommended supplier Emily Robinson Photography captured it all beautifully, including the European influences, dried floral arrangements, and lots of depth. All of the little touches of minimalism and elegance joined forces harmoniously. And, created was this breathtaking editorial shoot, making us all want to step through our screens and witness the beauty first-hand. Until science allows us to do that, however, we can just gaze upon these photos - which suits us fine, too. 

Elevated elegance wedding inspiration at Eaves Hall Clitheroe 

I really wanted the flowers to be the main focus on the tables in the reception room. Each one was a little piece of fine art. The long tables also allowed us the space to add stunning floral pieces, candles, and styling. 

Emily Robinson Photography

Eaves Hall Clitheroe

Eaves Hall Clitheroe is a stately wedding venue, nestled in the heart of Lancashire, England. As one can easily tell from the photos, this venue is perfect for an elegant wedding celebration. An area of breathtaking natural beauty, the venue offers incredible views both inside and outside. The grounds offer a plethora of fantastic places for your wedding photos. And the reception room works as the perfect backdrop for elegant, coherent themes. Eaves Hall's gardens are magnificent, and the splendour of the original features is complimented nicely by its recent refurbishments. Choosing a wedding venue is very important, and you need to know your theme will coincide with it perfectly. That's why this shoot works wonders. A timeless, elegant theme matched with a classic, historic theme just goes hand in hand. 

Inspiration and styling

In order to reflect a European style of dining, there were long tables that doubled in width at this shoot. This then allowed the suppliers to add in what they wanted. This included incredible floral pieces, candles, styling, and thick linen full-length tablecloths with a delicate runner to add richness and texture to the tables. Texture was an important aspect of this shoot. This can be seen clearly in the textured wedding cake, stationery, and even the dresses. Vintage mantle vases were added to the table to reflect the timeless styling, too. As well as interjecting small vases and arrangements to add depth and height. Emily Robinson Photography really wanted the tables to represent pieces of art, and she did this perfectly. The decor, outfits, florals, and general ambience of the shoot coexisted in harmony. 

Wedding drapes, vintage vases and artistic florals were the key to this shoot

Hair and makeup were done by the talented Daniella Ingle. She went for a timeless and elegant look with added accessories. Willow and White provided the most gorgeous dresses, too. 

Emily Robinson Photography

Three words for you. Oh. My. Elegance! This shoot is like that first sip of champagne. Truly delicious! The bride's two dresses definitely made this a shoot to remember. Are you currently on your bridal journey, and not sure where to go next? Here's a hint - to listen to our podcast episode on bridal fashion! Clitheroe's Eaves Hall was the ideal setting for this kind of shoot, proving that choosing the right venue for your day is essential. That's why we've got an article on just that. 

Sasha Kirkham

Written by Sasha Kirkham

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Photography: Emily Robinson Photography | Planner and Stylist: Stories Of Events | Florist: Agnes and Bee | Coordinator and Styling Support: HS Weddings | Venue: Eaves Hall | Dresses: Willow And White Bridal Atelier, Chosen By Khya | Accessories: Gibson Bespoke | Stationery: Lucy McSpirit | Shoes: Charlotte Mills | Lingerie and Nightgowns: Arianna Bespoke | Suits: Groom Formal | Tableware: Whitehouse Crockery | Cake Maker: Elizabeth Anna Cake Design

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