A pre wedding shoot where you get to wear your bridal gown before the big day definitely sounds like a (Chinese) tradition I would love to adopt. I mean who doesn't want to be able to wear their gorgeous gown more than once? Especially if it's one as dreamy as Emma's. Although I must confess I'm equally in love with her laser cut Peter Pan collared dress too. After the couple flew in from Shanghai, Irene Yap took them to the London streets which hold so many memories of their time dating. Each location has provided the most amazing backdrops for their portraits. Paddington Station has never looked so good, and Hyde Park looks like a heavenly English country garden. This is definitely an engagement shoot to swell the heart, and the perfect start to a Friday afternoon.


Irene Yap the Photographer: Emma & Jason started dating when they were studying in England. They wanted to take a trip down memory lane so they flew in from Shanghai for their pre-wedding session. This is slightly different compared to an engagement shoot- in the Chinese culture it's very common to have your wedding photos taken before the big day (i.e the bride will be in her wedding gown during the shoot). We started off in Paddington train station which is where they used to commute from London to Bristol to see each other when they were in uni. The architecture made for an interesting backdrop and these two are definitely one of the nicest, funniest and sweetest couples I’ve met. It made my job pretty easy! After that Emma got changed into a gorgeous self-portrait dress and paired it with some Jimmy Choo's. Jason does’t look too shabby in his Suit & Tie either. We ended the lovely day in Hype Park and I was pretty sad to say goodbye to them!
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Suit: Suit & Tie | Shoes: Jimmy Choo
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