When there's just you, your love, and gorgeous surroundings everything seems so effortlessly natural and endearing. That is exactly the feeling that will wash over you whilst viewing this gorgeous Isle of Skye elopement captured by beautifully by Wonderful & Strange Photography. Time stands still as our gorgeous couple share their heartfelt and emotional vows on Loch Coruisk, and the look of adoration and pure contentment in each of their eyes is just magical. They are completely lost in each on another which makes my heart sing it's so adorable. Plus Fallon's gorgeous Sarah Seven gown, wild flower bouquet, flower crown and boots combo is absolutely perfect for the picturesque, but rocky location.

Our Wedding

Fallon The Bride: I was never a little girl who planned a wedding in my head, but now I realize that if I had, my real one would have blown it out of the park. My fiancée and I wanted something personal and intimate, so we decided to elope across the pond to the Misty Isle. Looking back at the photos of us sharing a magical moment in the midst of breathtaking mountains and lochs makes me so glad that we chose to share it in privacy, just us two, getting lost in only each other.


We wanted to highlight the captivating beauty of Skye, and let it be at the fore of every stylistic decision we made. I had my heart set on designer Rue De Seine, who captures this aesthetic masterfully, but didn’t want to shell out thousands of dollars for it. I knew I wanted 3/4–length sleeves and simple, natural textures—lace, mainly—but finding the perfect dress is like finding a needle in a haystack! I went to LVD Bridal, a consignment bridal shop in Nashville, Tennessee that sells the types of designers I was looking for at a fraction of the cost. A lovely lady named Ila helped me pick out this low-back, all-lace Sarah Seven dress. When I came out of the dressing room, my family cried, so I knew it was the one. I love that we traded out the white slip for a nude one; it created more of a tattoo lace, which I thought was incredibly romantic.


I knew right off the bat that gold would best compliment my dress, so I first went in search of earrings. When deciding between several pairs, I kept coming back to these Ananya Earrings. They had this art-deco vibe and I just fell in love. I also wanted my wrists and hands to be adorned in lots of gold, so I wore an amethyst ring that I already owned, borrowed a ring from my mother-in-law, and bought midi rings, a slave bracelet, and a personalised bracelet that had the geographic coordinates of our ceremony on one side and a Gaelic wedding vow on the other. I spent a lot of time choosing my jewellery, and I really love how it all turned out. I felt like a gypsy goddess!

Florist & Headpiece

Every bohemian bride needs flowers in her hair, and I wanted my headpiece to feature iconic Scottish foliage. I contacted Janet at Simply Flowers in Broadford, the closest town to our ceremony. I couldn’t have asked for a better florist. She knew exactly what I wanted; it was a miracle. I went with the purple heather flower crown because it looked dainty, and I thought the purple would complement the green scenery. She also made my bouquet, with thistle, Gypsophila, and other beautiful Scottish flowers - I opted for wildflowers to continue the bohemian styling.

Groom’s Fashion & Accessories

Zach decided that since he’s not Scottish, he couldn’t wear a kilt, but he could wear Scottish tweed. We went with Walker Slater; it’s tailored yet rustic, timeless yet modern. A perfect fit. And he felt pretty amazing in it, too. He looked like such a gentleman, especially with those fancy cufflinks! We opted for the vest instead of the full jacket because it was summer and it looked less formal.


We were married next to Loch Coruisk, surrounded by the Black Cuillin Mountains. This setting was something we decided on before anything else. Skye is a very magical place in general, but there was something so majestic about this scene that we couldn’t replicate. The only other venue we used was Coruisk House. We and our photographers took the only two rooms, which made for a very homey feeling! Clare and Iain, the owners, were incredibly hospitable, and we felt so comfortable.


We used Misty Isle Boat Trips to float serenely from Elgol to Loch Coruisk. Anne, the owner, was so accommodating; they decorated our boat with white lace flags and even had champagne for us afterwards!


One of the best parts of the whole day was hanging out with our photographers, David & Martyna, and knowing that their talent behind the camera would capture every moment of the day. I was blown away by the rawness of their work and their ability to tell a story. Everything they touched turned to gold, it seemed. They proved to be just as amazing in person, and we had so much fun with them, getting lost and almost driving off a cliff, chasing sheep around in the fields... Martyna even did my hair when my curling iron broke. We laughed a lot together, and they made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera. I really can’t say enough about this lovely duo. And they gave us magazine-worthy photos—what more could you ask for!


We loved that the ceremony was for us only. Our celebrant, Lesley Simpson’s genuine happiness to celebrate with us was palpable, and her light-hearted, sincere style of officiating was perfect for us. Since it was a Humanist service, we were allowed to help write the ceremony, choosing our own readings and incorporating traditional Scottish rituals like Hand Fasting and drinking whisky from the Quaich. I still remember the advice Lesley gave at the end: “If you’re wrong, apologize. If you’re right, shut up!” Best marriage advice we’ve received, probably!
Lorna Shaw

Written by Lorna Shaw

Dress Designer: Sarah Seven | Bridal Boutique: LVD Bridal, Nashville, TN | Earrings: Ann Kat Designs | Midi Rings: House of Blaise | Slave Bracelet: Faire de la mode | Personalised Bracelet: Jewelry Blues | Grooms Outfit: Walker Slater | Venue: Coruisk House | Florist: Simply Flowers | Transport: Misty Isle Boat Trips | Celebrant: Lesley Simpson

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